Friday, September 30, 2016

The 'Little' Bates Clan

Did you enjoy meeting the adorable Kaci Bates on last night's episode of Bringing Up Bates? Did any of you tear up while watching? (We sure did...)

We came across this family picture of the "little" Bates clan, taken during Kaci's newborn photo shoot with the talented Taryn Yager, and realized that we never shared it with y'all. So here it is! :)

Whitney Bates, Zach Bates, Kaci Lynn Bates, and Bradley Bates

Photo courtesy of Taryn Yager Photography

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Recap: 'Meet Kaci Lynn Bates'

Bringing Up Bates "Meet Kaci Lynn Bates"
  • Zach and Whitney are expecting the arrival of Kaci Lynn Bates in the next couple weeks. "We're counting down the days," says Whitney. "I'm always going into her room and looking through her clothes and talking to Bradley about her." 
  • The little Bates family of three (soon to be four) heads to a local park to have pictures taken by Taryn Yager, the unofficial Bates photographer. 
  • Whitney says this pregnancy has been completely different than her first one. "With Bradley, I was sick all the time up until the day I had him," she shares. "And with Kaci Lynn, I have had so much more energy. Bradley has kept me going. I haven't been sick hardly at all."
  • "I can't wait for [Bradley] to meet [Kaci]," says Whitney. 
  • Zach looks forward to having two kids who are close in age. He and Michael were even closer in age, and they were inseparable. "Everything we did was the two of us," says Zach. "There's a bond there that nothing can really break. And I'm really looking forward to Bradley and Kaci having that same kind of relationship."
  • "Through life, they really have been like best friends," says Gil of Zach and Michaela.
  • AJ, Lawson's friend from the children's hospital, comes over to the Bates house with his parents and sister. AJ has multiple brain tumors--some that are inoperable--and has been through more than 40 chemo treatments. 
  • Gil, Lawson, and a few of the other Bates guys take AJ and his family fishing under a bridge on Cove Lake. AJ is absolutely ecstatic when he catches his first fish. When asked how much fun he has had with Lawson, he replies, "More than I can even say."
  • Whitney takes Bradley to her ultrasound appointment and enjoys pointing out "sissy's face" to her son. Unfortunately, Dr. Vick informs Whitney that Kaci is breech (upside down). He hopes she will flip on her own, but if she doesn't, the options will be to do a c-section or try to spin Kaci from the outside. The Bates resolve to cover the situation in prayer. 
  • At their next ultrasound appointment, Zach and Whitney are told that Kaci is still breech. "She's as stubborn as them come," says Zach, chuckling. "Definitely a Bates." At this point, it is much less likely that Kaci will flip on her own.
  • Zach and Whitney decorate the nursery in gender neutral colors and choose bedding for Bradley and Kaci. 
  • This time, Zach makes sure to pack for the hospital before Whitney goes into labor. "You would think that Zach would be pretty calm about this whole having the baby thing and going to the hospital, since his mom has had so many," says Whitney. "But last time, he was in a panic."
  • "Zach was so, I don't want to say comical, but he was so nervous, pour guy," shares Gil.
  • Later, the Paines deliver Bradley's new toddler bed, made with love by Uncle Chad. Bradley is absolutely thrilled, as he jumps up on the bed and lays down with a big smile on his face. 
  • The moment has finally arrived! Dr. Vick tells Zach and Whitney that it's time to try to flip Kaci and that if the procedure is successful, labor will follow. Lawson comes over to pick up Bradley and take him to stay with Whitney's dad (aka "Pawpaw").
  • The next morning, Carlin comes over at 3am to accompany Zach and Whitney to the hospital. "We just prayed that God would work it out however he saw fit, so we just went in there scared to death, hoping for the best," says Whitney.
  • At Whitney's request, her mom and Kelly are at the birth, which Kelly says makes her feel very special. 
  • Dr. Vick numbs Whitney up and then wheels her into another room to attempt to flip Kaci. Zach is able to go with his wife, but the grandmas have to wait in the delivery room. "Okay baby, we love you," says Kelly as Whitney leaves. "You're in God's hands. God knows what's best, and we're going to be praying for you." Whitney starts crying, as she and Zach are both very nervous. 
  • Dr. Vick announces that he will try for about 10 minutes to flip Kaci, and if he is unsuccessful, he will immediately proceed with a c-section. "When I was laying there...all I could do was pray and cry," says Whitney. "It didn't take him but just a second, and he was able to flip her." Everyone rejoices, especially the expectant parents. 
  • After a long day of waiting, Kaci finally arrives at 10:32pm. A family member brings Bradley to the hospital so he can meet his sister. 
  • "I can't explain the feeling of my wife having a baby, just an overwhelming sense of joy and fulfillment and excitement," shares Zach. "I wish you could bottle it up and keep it for a rainy day."
  • The next morning, all the Bates aunts and uncles arrive, and everyone has to take a picture holding Kaci. 
  • "I know one thing, that is a little girl that's got a lot of people that want to be there for her [and] love on her," shares Gil, his eyes welling up with tears.

Kaci Lynn's Emotional Arrival Airs Tonight!

We know you all have been eagerly waiting to watch Kaci Lynn's arrival, and the day has finally arrived! Tonight on Bringing Up Bates, Zach and Whitney Bates make final preparations in the weeks leading up to their daughter's birth

During an ultrasound appointment, Dr. Vick informs Whitney that Kaci is breech and that if she doesn't flip on her own, he will either have to do a c-section or attempt to manually flip her. As the due date grows closer, the expectant parents are on edge, as the chances of being able to carry out their ideal birth plan rapidly begin to decrease. Check out this sneak peek video below, and be sure to tune in tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT for this one-hour special.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bradley Bates' New Bed

In the following sneak peek video, the Paines deliver Bradley's toddler bed to Zach and Whitney's house. Bradley Bates' reaction when he sees the new piece of furniture, built with love by Uncle Chad, is absolutely priceless! He even notices the "B" on the headboard.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sneak Peek Photos

This Thursday, tune in to UP at 9pm ET/8pm CT for an hour-long special of Bringing Up Bates. You won't want to miss this one!

Watch as Zach and Whitney Bates do a maternity photo shoot and make final preparations before the arrival of Kaci Lynn Bates. Just days before the delivery, the expectant parents find out that their daughter is breech, which makes for a very emotional and stressful birth.

Meanwhile, Gil Bates and a few of his sons take Lawson's friend AJ on a memorable fishing trip.

 Taryn Yager (Taryn Yager Photography) snaps photos of Bradley Bates
 Whitney Bates shows off her bump

 Whitney Bates and Bradley Bates

 Taryn preps for a family photo

 Zach Bates, Whitney Bates, and Bradley Bates

 The crew captures Bradley's interactions with animal statues

 Chad Paine and Zach Bates show off Bradley's brand new, handmade toddler bed

 The little Bates clan browses through paint swatches at a local hardware store

 Bradley Bates gives cousin Carson Paine a pat on the cheek

AJ's fishing trip with the Bates men

Photos courtesy of UP

Monday, September 26, 2016

New Bates Q&As

Happy Monday afternoon! We have a few new Q&As to add to the FAQs page. Enjoy! :)

Q: The Bates enjoy singing together as a family and have performed at quite a few churches
and conferences over the years. What is their favorite song to share with others?
A: "The Lord Has Blessed Me In So Many Ways"

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways,
That I could not begin to tell you how good He has been

He's my Friend, He's my Guide, He's my Shepherd, my Light,
The Lord has blessed me in so many ways.

Verse 1:
And I have been blessed with a family that has felt God's great touch,
He's been present in trials and He loves me so much

Though we fail, though we stumble on His Word we still stand,

And we know He'll be faithful to reach that fair end


Verse 2:
But the greatest of all blessings that I ever received,
Was His saving power when on His name I believed
Well, I had nothing to offer but my guilt and my sin,
It was all through the blood and His holy Name

We've been soo blessed, sooo blessed,
Blessed by His bountiful hand


Q: Do the Bates consider themselves to be good singers?
A: According to Gil, whether they have quality voices doesn't much matter because they are obeying the Biblical command to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord."

Q: What is the family's go-to news source, and who is the most likely to share a current event with the rest of the clan?
A:; Zach

Q: How many bedrooms and bathrooms does the Bates' house have?
A: 8-1/2 bathrooms (they only had three before adding on several years ago) and 6 bedrooms (two for the girls, two for the boys, one for Mom and Dad, and one for guests).

Q: Who is the best swimmer?
A: Nathan

Q: Do Gil and Kelly enjoy traveling?
A: Kelly does. Gil is more of a homebody, but he has taken his wife on several trips since they were married.

Q: Who is the biggest practical jokester?
A: Gil. It used to be Erin, although Kelly says she "married somebody so mature that she kind of grew out of the prank stage."

Q: How long were Kelly's 19 labors?
A: Her longest was 21 hours, and her shortest was one hour.

Hanging Out With AJ

Gil Bates: "AJ is just five, just like you."
Judson Bates: "He's even cooler than me."
Gil Bates: "You think he's cooler than you?"
Judson Bates: "Course he is."
Gil Bates: "He is pretty cool, but you're a pretty cool guy, too."

Coming up this week on Bringing Up Bates... 

In addition to Kaci Lynn Bates' birth, several of the Bates men take Lawson's friend AJ fishing at their secret spot (video preview below). Seeing the sheer joy on AJ and Judson's faces when they catch their first fish is priceless.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Meet Kaci Lynn Bates: Next Week!

Are you ready to meet Kaci Lynn Bates? Next week's new episode of Bringing Up Bates will be one hour long and will feature the birth of the fourth Bates grandchild.

Just days before Kaci's arrival, Zach and Whitney find out during an ultrasound that their baby is breech. "We were both very, very nervous," shares Zach in the video below. Unsure of what the outcome would be, the expectant couple experiences a very emotional delivery.

The show airs next Thursday at 9pm ET/8pm CT on UP. Click here to watch a slideshow of the photos that photographer Taryn Yager, who was also pregnant at the time, took during the birth.

Photo courtesy of, video courtesy of UP

Friday, September 23, 2016

Photos: Bates at Basketball Camp

What did you think of last night's episode of Bringing Up Bates? (Click here to read our written recap.)

Filmed in June, the show features the trip that Gil and Kelly Bates and most of the kids take to Fort Wayne, Indiana, to watch the boys participate in a church-run basketball camp. And back in Tennessee, the Paines visit the local animal shelter to search for a pet dog for Carson. Check out these snapshots:

 The Bates family checks out the basketball memorabilia on display at the fitness center

 Team shot

 Warden Bates and Isaiah Bates

 Nathan Bates and Trace Bates

 Nathan Bates and Jackson Bates

 Watching from the bleachers

 Isaiah Bates

 Gil Bates talks with the coach

 Kelly Bates and Carlin Bates congratulate Isaiah Bates on a job well done

 Gil and Kelly Bates are all smiles watching their boys play sports

 Kelly Bates cheers on her sons

 Lawson Bates

 Lawson Bates blocks Nathan Bates

Photos courtesy of UP

Recap: 'Three Pointers and Puppies'

Bringing Up Bates "Three Pointers and Puppies"
  • Tori, Carlin, and Josie, along with their friend Courtney visit The Crown College of the Bible, located near their home. Josie, who will soon graduate from high school, has already started taking college classes online and is planning to take a few on-campus courses in fall 2016. 
  • Tori and Josie try to convince Carlin to study music on campus rather than liberal arts online. Carlin is unsure about being tied down because she enjoys traveling to help with children at various conferences.
  • "You said that you wanted to teach piano," Tori reminds her sister. "It's hard to teach piano if you don't have a degree in it," Josie chimes in. Tori is in school for education, and Josie is considering pursuing a cosmetology degree. 
  • Gil, Kelly, and most of the kids head up to Fort Wayne, Indiana, to watch the boys participate in New Heights Basketball Camp. 
  • When asked if they would ever want to attend a basketball camp, Callie, Ellie, and Addallee's responses are quite entertaining. Callie says no because she "hates sweat." Addalle's answer is the same. "I'd have to take a bath," she says. But Ellie is game for it (no pun intended).
  • This the first time that all the boys have played on organized teams. The family enjoys watching the "unconventional" tactics that they have developed over the years. 
  • "I don't think anybody will ever see defense like Nathan," says Carlin.
  • "I think it was really good for our kids to get to go somewhere where they could have fun playing sports, being challenged by people that can play really, really good," says Kelly. "But more than that, it was a place where the coaches really wanted the boys to work on their character."
  • "For the boys in our family, no matter what your personality is sitting on the couch when you're hanging around with the rest of the family, when you get on the court, when you get on the field,  it changes," says Zach. "You're automatically in it for blood."
  • Gil and Kelly are especially amazed by Isaiah's performance. He hasn't played a lot of basketball, but he does very well and ends up winning an award.
  • Michael and Brandon drive three hours from Chicago to hang out with the family at basketball camp. Michael, who also has first responder and EMT training, has recently finished her associate degree in medical health science. While the Keilens say they are not planning to stay in Chicago forever, they aren't sure what the next step is at this point.
  • Warden and Isaiah make it to the finals in their junior varsity league, but they end up losing by two points. 
  • "I try to tell the boys...if you know you controlled your attitude, if you gave it 100 percent, then you're a winner in the things that matter," says Gil.
  • Back at home, Chad meets Erin, Katie, and Carson at the local animal shelter to look at dogs.
  • "We're going to go get a dog!" announces Erin. "I brought a box."
  • "You seriously brought a box?" Chad asks, laughing. "Honey, we're just looking for a dog, just looking, not necessarily going to get one. 
  • Carson absolutely loves dogs and often walks around the house "woofing" and panting, according to Erin. "It's so cute--why are you laughing?" Erin asks Chad. "I'm laughing because your brothers and sisters taught him how to pant like a dog and woof."

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Three Pointers and Puppies

An all-new episode of Bringing Up Bates is coming your way in less than four hours!

Tune in to UP at 8pm ET/7pm CT for two reruns and then at 9pm ET/8pm CT for the main event, "Three Pointers and Puppies."

Scroll down for the complete schedule and one final sneak peek video. You're going to love Callie and Ellie's responses when asked what kind of pet they would like to have!

Thursday, September 22
8pm: From the Couch: Bates Go To Florida
8:30pm: You Can't Spell Paintball without PAIN
9pm: Three Pointers and Puppies (NEW)
The Bates boys are going to basketball camp. How will these homeschoolers do when they enter into organized sports for the first time? In true Bates fashion, a competition emerges between the brothers to see who comes home an MVP. Meanwhile, Erin and Chad Paine are expecting baby Brooklyn any day now, but they're already thinking about adding another member to the family - a new puppy! Will they find a four legged pal to bring home?
9:30pm: From the Couch: Bates Go To Florida 
10pm: Three Pointers and Puppies
10:30pm: You Can't Spell Paintball without PAIN

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bates Boys' Unconventional B-Ball Skills

If you're looking for a good laugh after a long day of work, you'll definitely want to take a look at this sneak peek video. As they watch their boys play on organized basketball teams for the first time, Gil and Kelly Bates share some of the "unconventional" tactics that their sons have learned over the years. Can you relate?

Tune in to UP tomorrow at 8pm ET/7pm CT for an all-new episode of Bringing Up Bates.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Celebrating the Bates Daughter-In-Law

Wishing Whitney (Perkins) Bates a happy 23rd birthday! Did you know that Whitney has a associate degree in business with an emphasis on medical coding/billing and medical insurance?

Whitney Bates

Photo courtesy of UP

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

'It's about the team' (Gil Bates)

"I think it's a good lesson to learn: Life is not about me. It's about the team, and we're going to work together and do the best we can as a team."

-Gil Bates

We have another extended scene from this week's episode of Bringing Up Bates to share with y'all! The boys continue their week at New Heights Basketball Camp in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with their parents and siblings cheering them on. Catch the show on UP this Thursday at 9pm ET/8pm CT.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Monday, September 19, 2016

Gil and Kelly Cheer on the Boys

"There's nothing more precious or special to a dad and a mom than seeing your kids play together."
-Gil Bates

Coming up on this week's episode of Bringing Up Bates...

When the Bates boys attend a basketball camp in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Gil and Kelly Bates spend every possible moment cheering them on from the sidelines (video below). The parents of 19 say that it's always encouraging for them to watch their kids use their talents.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Saturday, September 17, 2016

3 Granddaughters and Counting

Gil and Kelly Bates added two granddaughters to their crew this summer, and they are looking forward to welcoming another in January 2017. Here are a few snapshots of the latest additions, Kaci Bates and Brooklyn Paine...

 Michael and Brandon Keilen meet Brooklyn Paine

 Michaela Keilen, Erin Paine, and Brooklyn Paine

 Whitney Bates and Kaci Bates

Kaci Bates

And here's a new photo of Zach and Whitney Bates, proud parents of two children under the age of two!

Zach and Whitney Bates

Photos courtesy of, Zach and Whitney Bates,

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Recap: 'You Can't Spell Paintball Without PAIN'

Bringing Up Bates "You Can't Spell Paintball Without PAIN"
  • For the Bates boys, joining Dad and the older guys on a tree job is a big milestone. As Jackson heads to work with Gil and Nathan for the first time, Gil surprises his 14-year-old son with a new pair of work boots. 
  • Before allowing Jackson to participate in any tree jobs, Kelly makes it clear that he first must have his schoolwork and chores completed for that day.  "I want them to learn diligence," says the mom of 19.
  • It's difficult for Kelly to watch the boys start to work in the family business. "Sometimes I do wish it wasn't such a dangerous job." she shares. "Gil's seeing them as 14; they're a man. I'm seeing them as...14; they're still my baby."
  • "Looking back, my dad took time to teach me different things, so we're trying to continue that," says Gil. "I tell them, 'We want you to learn every skill you possibly can before you leave the home...'"
  • While they are cutting down trees, Gil, Nathan, and Jackson find three baby bunnies.
  • "I know some people say that it's not good to handle bunny rabbits because their mother may reject them, and that's not always the case," explains Nathan. "But, our options are, either leave these little things under the tree or to set them aside and keep them out of harm's way. I don't know a whole lot about bunny rabbits, but I know it's not good for trees to fall on them."
  • "I'm proud of Jackson," says Gil, nearly tearing up. "He's so much like Zach. I can look back and see Zach in that little fellow."
  • Gil, Kelly, and Callie visit the Paines' house to hear the piano parts of the songs that Erin is planning to record on her upcoming lullaby CD. More on that soon.
  • To celebrate his 14th birthday, Jackson plays paintball with Gil, a few of his older brothers, and a few friends. "Well guys, I think it's time to put the 'pain' in paintball," announces Gil. "I hope y'all are all the recipients, and I hope I'm the dealer for this situation."
  • "In the Bates family, we try to choose games that are competitive, competitive, and painful," jokes Zach. 
  • "Getting older is a great thing and a scary thing," states Jackson at the end of the episode. "You get more privileges...but you also get older, which stinks because you get a lot of responsibilities."

Celebrating Judson and Brandon

Today is the last Bates double birthday of 2016. (It's hard to believe that they have four every year!) Happy 6th birthday to Judson Wyatt Bates, and happy 27th birthday to Brandon Timothy Keilen!

Did you know that Brandon has a four-year ministry degree, which he completed in November 2014? And here's an interesting fact about Judson: He was named after Judson Van Deventer, the writer of the hymn "I Surrender All."

 Judson Bates

Brandon Keilen

Photos courtesy of UP

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bates Grandchild #6...Coming Soon!

The Bates will welcome another member into their growing brood in just four months! John and Alyssa Webster are expecting their second child on January 27th, 2017, and it's another girl!

The elated couple shared this statement via UP:

John and I are simply overwhelmed with happiness to be expecting another baby girl. We are highly anticipating our daughter’s arrival… January can’t come soon enough!

Click here to see more pictures from the Websters' maternity shoot.

Photo courtesy of Macey Heim (acquired via UP)

Baby Bunnies, Paintball, and Trees

The Bates have a lot of exciting footage in store for us on tomorrow's episode! You'll watch Jackson Bates complete his first tree job, with guidance from Gil Bates and Nathan Bates. And in celebration of his 14th birthday, Jackson chooses to go paint-balling with his dad and brothers and a few friends. Erin and Chad Paine also share plans to record a lullaby CD. 

Here are a few snapshots to get you in the mood for a new episode of Bringing Up Bates. The first four pictures show the tree job, and the last four were taken at the paintball range. No. 1 is definitely our favorite...

Photos courtesy of UP