Sunday, May 30, 2021

Keilens Take a Walk

Brandon Keilen and Michael Keilen

It has been quite some time since we've shared a new photo of Michael and Brandon Keilen. We thought that a picture of them would make for a nice Sunday afternoon post. The Keilens will celebrate six years of marriage in August.


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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Moving the Boutique

"Going through this process, I have learned that you can have a lot going on but still have the determination. And when you have a vision, if you want to get it done, there's ways to get it done."

-Whitney Bates

What did you think of tonight's episode? Be sure to read our written recap

It's all hands on deck on moving day at the Bates Boutique, as Erin, Whitney, and Carlin receive help from a bunch of friends, family members, and employees. Having a big family and a large support system sure does come in handy. In this web exclusive video, you'll see additional footage of the unpacking process.

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'Lawson's New Love and the Boutique's New Digs' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Lawson's New Love and the Boutique's New Digs"

  • Erin, Chad, and Brooklyn show off the old camper that they recently purchased. It’s a major fixer-upper, and they are looking forward to gutting it and doing a complete renovation.
  • “I don’t love, love the idea of tent camping, so when he was like, ‘Let’s renovate a camper,’ I was all on board for that,” says Erin.
  • Kelly discusses I Love You Day 2021 with Gil, Lawson, and Nathan. They do a FaceTime call on the family group chat and end up deciding on an animal theme. “…We love to bring all of our 101 opinions to every family decision,” says Zach.
  • It’s moving day for the Bates Sisters Boutique. They are leaving Zach and Whitney’s property and moving into their new storefront. Erin, Whitney, and Carlin supervise the operation, and they bring their employees by, as well.
  • “I think the employees are just as excited as us right now because the layout is just going to be so much easier to get things done efficiently,” says Carlin.
  • Lawson has been traveling a lot, but he is home now and enjoying spending time with his dog, Duke. He plans to send the dog to three months of training. In other news, Lawson will be bringing his girlfriend, Tiffany, to I Love You Day.
  • Jackson is recovering from a snowboarding injury that he sustained on a family ski trip in Colorado. He hit a patch of ice while attempting a 360 and snapped both arm bones. He landed in the hospital with 13 screws and two metal plates.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Lawson's Valentine

Katie Bates, Lawson Bates, Kelly Bates, Gil Bates, Nathan Bates

Zach Bates: "Are you going to bring Nathan again, Lawson?"
Lawson Bates: "I'm not bringing Nathan. I've upgraded in the beauty department."

This week on Bringing Up Bates, Lawson tells the family about his California girlfriend, Tiffany. And he plans to bring her to the Bates' I Love You Day event. Below is the written summary of the episode, as well as a preview video and snapshots.

Lawson's New Love and the Boutique's New Digs  

Now that Erin’s health is on the upswing, the Paine’s are tackling a new project: renovating an old camper. Will they decide to resell it or keep it in the family? At the Bates house, Gil, Kelly Jo, and some of the kids have a family meeting to discuss ideas for their upcoming I Love You Day party, but will they all agree on a theme? It’s moving day for the Bates Sisters Boutique! Whitney, Erin, and Carlin rely on their family to help them move out of their old workspace and into their new downtown Rocky Top location. Later, as Jackson and Trace are hanging out with Lawson and his dog Duke, Lawson updates his brothers on his new relationship and mentions his girlfriend will be attending the I Love You day festivities. Does this mean another Bates boy is leaving the bachelor squad?5!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Stewarts Celebrate 2 Years

Yesterday was Alyssa and John's 7th wedding anniversary, and today is Carlin and Evan Stewart's 2nd anniversary. Happy anniversary, Stewarts! Coincidentally, Carlin's best friend, Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth, will celebrate her 4th anniversary tomorrow.

Carlin Stewart and Evan Stewart
2019 honeymoon

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Monday, May 24, 2021

Another Bates Son Engaged

Stop the press. The Bates just made a huge announcement. Almost eight years after Zach's proposal to Whitney, a second Bates son is officially engaged. Nathan asked Esther Keyes, his girlfriend of one year, to marry him, and she said yes. The proposal took place near Alyssa's home in Florida on May 22. She helped decorate, as did Gil, Kelly, Carlin, Evan, and Layla.

You can find all the exciting details on Fox News.

Nathan Bates and Esther Keyes

Photo courtesy of @natebates93

Websters Celebrate 7 Years

Seven years? Has it really been seven years? Today is Alyssa and John Webster's 7th wedding anniversary. Seven years, six Websters. Congrats, Alyssa and John!

John Webster and Alyssa Webster

John and Alyssa

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Friday, May 21, 2021

Erin and Tori

Erin Paine and Tori Smith

"Since I've gotten married, our friendship has just gotten deeper and deeper."


Even though they are four-and-a-half years apart, Erin and Tori have always had a close relationship. In this web exclusive clip from Thursday's episode, they discuss their friendship during their getaway with Chad and Bobby.

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Thursday, May 20, 2021

'A DIY Date and a Delivery Date' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "A DIY Date and a Delivery Date"

  • Erin, Chad, Tori, and Bobby are on a getaway in Gatlinburg. The trip was a Christmas gift from Kelly. They do a date night at Board and Brush, a craft place owned by a husband and wife team. “Tori, she doesn’t like to do anything out of her comfort zone, so the whole time at Board and Brush, she’s like, ‘Can you just do it? Can you just do my project for me?’” says Erin.
  • Chad talks to Bobby about being a girl dad, as Charlotte is due in about 21 weeks. “A little girl is just going to totally capture his heart,” says Tori.
  • The completed wooden signs look great. Chad’s says “Paine: Always Exploring, Since 2013” with a picture of an RV. Erin’s says “The Paines: Welcome.” Tori’s has her’s and Bobby’s initials (BTS). And Bobby’s says “Bobby and Tori Smith: Est 2017.”
  • Meanwhile, Josie and Katie do a style shoot at the wedding venue Castleton Farms, which is where Carlin got married. This shoot will be featured in bridal magazines.
  • Later, Michael and Brandon bring lasagna and homemade bread over for dinner at Zach and Whitney’s. The boutique is overflowing into Zach and Whitney’s house again, so they are very ready for the new storefront space to open up. Michael, who is now done with school, is planning on volunteering at the children’s hospital until she decides where she wants to work permanently.
  • In Clermont, Alyssa and John help the girls pack their overnight bags. All the outfits are organized in individual plastic bags. “Alyssa really is just one of the most together people that I know,” says Kelly.
  • Soon, Alyssa goes into labor. She and John drop the girls off at people's houses so they can focus on the delivery. With her previous three labors, Alyssa gave birth five to eight hours after the start of labor. This time, she takes longer to progress.
  • After spending the day walking and doing exercises, Alyssa is admitted into the hospital. She gets an epidural, and Maci arrives quickly.
  • “I am super excited to have Maci now join our little girl squad,” says John.
  • When the Websters are released from the hospital, Gil, Kelly, and Callie meet them back at their house, with gifts and food. “It’s hard for us really to believe how good God has been,” says Kelly. “Maci’s safe, and Alyssa’s healthy, and we’re just so grateful.”

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Warden's 18th

Happy 18th birthday to Warden Bates! He is Gil and Kelly Bates' 13th child, which means the Bates now only have six kids who haven't reached adulthood. When we first met the Bates family on UPtv, Warden was only 11. 

Trace Bates, Jackson Bates, Warden Bates, Isaiah Bates, Lawson Bates
Gil Bates, Trace Bates, Warden Bates

Warden Bates, Isaiah Bates, Jackson Bates

Jackson Bates, Kelly Bates, Isaiah Bates, Warden Bates

Warden Bates

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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Another Jo

"I get excited about every grandbaby, but there's just something about when a baby's named after you."

-Kelly Jo Bates

In this clip from this week's episode, Alyssa explains how they decided on Macy Jo Webster for their fourth daughter. Let's just say that Kelly is over the moon.

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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Teaching Carson and Bradley

Chad Paine, Carson Paine, Bradley Bates

"Doing the boutique has...given us opportunity, as long as it's safe, for the kids to come over and kind of just hang out. We're trying to lay out something, but we're also trying to impart to them some construction 101."

-Chad Paine

In this web exclusive from Thursday's episode, Chad, Zach, and Evan (the Boutique husbands) make plans for the new storefront. Carson and Bradley join in on the fun, although they are most interested in blowing out the chalk lines that their dads are making (video below).

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Friday, May 14, 2021

Katie's Wedding Month Announced

Since their engagement in early April, Katie Bates and Travis Clark have been in full-on wedding planning mode. Fans have been wondering when the couple will tie the knot, so you all will be thrilled to know that the announcement has been made. The wedding is in December! 

Katie and Travis will have an eight-month engagement, the same as Carlin and Evan. When she becomes Mrs. Clark, Katie will move to New Jersey, where Travis is busy renovating a one-story house.

Travis Clark and Katie Bates

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Carson Turns 6

The third oldest Bates grandchild is six years old. Happy birthday, Carson!

Carson Paine, Brooklyn Paine, Everly Paine, Holland Paine

Bradley Bates and Carson Paine
Carson Paine

Carson Paine

Chad Paine, Carson Paine

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

'Home Sweet Home and Nathan's Love' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Home Sweet Home and Nathan's Love"

  • Tori and Bobby have just moved into their first home. They had been looking for a while but hadn’t seen much on the market. And then they found a place for sale just two houses down from Zach and Whitney, and they snapped it up. Tori and Bobby give Zach, Whitney, Michael, and Brandon a tour.
  • Tori jokes that Chad and Erin are coming up with her design and decorations. Chad is planning to build a back porch, which Tori is very excited about. She laughs when she tells her sister and sister-in-law that she made Bobby put his clothes in the boys’ large closet so she could have their closet all to herself.
  • Later, the Bates and Stewarts take a trip to Zoo Knoxville for Layla’s first birthday. And in Florida, Alyssa and John are assembling baby items for Maci’s arrival. “You would think that after three kids, we would be like completely prepared, but for some reason, setting up a baby swing this time around and a car seat was more complicated than it looked,” says Alyssa.
  • Alyssa’s first three daughters were born at a birth center with a midwife, but because of the heart complications and surgeries that she had, she is delivering this baby at a hospital.
  • “I feel like we’ve kind of reversed the roles of what most people do,” says Alyssa. “A lot of people get married and wait a while to have kids. We’re going to have our fourth kid, and I’m 26. And by the time we’re 40, we’re going to have like grown kids in college, and we’ll be able to enjoy grandkids.”
  • Meanwhile, Paine Construction is busy building out the new retail space for the Bates Sisters Boutique. And Zach is now working in Gil’s tree business.
  • “I would love to be 56 moving around like my dad, instead of 33 moving around like I am right now,” says Zach.
  • “My dad is definitely getting older, but he is still the man,” says Carlin. “The guy’s a rock. He is like still killing it. He’s still all of our heroes.”
  • Nathan, who isn’t usually in Tennessee, is home and helps out on a tree job. During a break, Nathan reveals to his dad and brothers that he is hoping to get engaged in the spring. “I think I’m ready to take the next step and change her from a girlfriend to a fiancĂ©,” he says. He hopes to pop the question in the Bahamas.