Monday, April 22, 2024

Travis is Going on Tour

Katie and Travis Clark just dropped a big announcement. Their move to East Tennessee is a decision that they have been praying about since the middle of last year, and the reason is something that they can now share. Travis is going on tour! The artist's name is Joseph Habedank, and the tour starts soon. Living in Knoxville will allow Travis to be a few hours from Nashville, while Katie and Hailey are close to family.

Bates Visit Nashville

You’re going to really enjoy Lawson and Tiffany Bates’ most recent YouTube video. A group of family members travels to Nashville for a visit, and everyone stays at Lawson and Tiffany's house. Among the visitors are Gil and Kelly Bates, Callie Bates, Tori and Bobby Smith, Erin and Chad Paine with baby William, and Nathan and Esther Bates with Kenna.

Lawson and Tiffany babysit Kenna while the rest of the family goes out. Later, Chad gives Gil a haircut, Bobby cooks breakfast, and then everyone goes to a Southern gospel concert.


Sunday, April 14, 2024

Clarks Announce Baby #2

It's a season of change for Katie and Travis Clark. They recently relocated to East Tennessee, and now they just made another big announcement. Katie is pregnant with Baby #2! She and Travis found out the news in early February, while they were en route to Tennessee for the Bates' I Love You Day party, which was less than two weeks before Hailey's first birthday. You can watch their announcements to their family members in their latest YouTube video. 

This baby will make 32 grandchildren for Gil and Kelly Bates, with four more on the way. Esther Bates is due in fall, while Tiffany Bates is due in summer. Tori Smith is due with her fifth soon.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

The Keilens Tell Their Story of Infertility

Michael and Brandon Keilen will celebrate nine years of marriage in August. Many of you know that they have experienced infertility. They shared parts of their journey on the show, but for the first time they are ready to tell more of their story publicly. So grab a box of tissues and sit down with the Keilens, as they walk viewers though the joys and sorrows that they have experienced along this road of infertility (YouTube link below). After years of being unable to get pregnant, this precious couple found out that they were expecting a little girl, and you can imagine how elated they were. That joy soon turned to grief, but it was through that grief that they truly felt God’s presence. 

Brandon and Michael Keilen: Our Infertility Story

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Zach's New Cooking Show

It's no secret that Zach Bates loves to cook. Over the years, the eldest Bates child has been seen making meals for his family and the entire Bates clan. Now fans can follow along as Zach shares his favorite recipes with the world, as he just kicked off a new venture called Bates Kitchen. His first video, "My Favorite Chicken Alfredo Recipe," is now available on YouTube.