Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Baby Bunnies, Paintball, and Trees

The Bates have a lot of exciting footage in store for us on tomorrow's episode! You'll watch Jackson Bates complete his first tree job, with guidance from Gil Bates and Nathan Bates. And in celebration of his 14th birthday, Jackson chooses to go paint-balling with his dad and brothers and a few friends. Erin and Chad Paine also share plans to record a lullaby CD. 

Here are a few snapshots to get you in the mood for a new episode of Bringing Up Bates. The first four pictures show the tree job, and the last four were taken at the paintball range. No. 1 is definitely our favorite...

Photos courtesy of UP


  1. Why is it fun to shoot each other, I just don't get it, and will never do!!!!!!!!

    1. It's like a lot of sports. In football you tackle each other. In hockey you crash into each other. Both of those hurt more than paintball!

    2. To shoot someone is not supposed to be fun, so why do people want to shoot someone, it disturbs me very much, and I WILL never understand THAT!!!!!

  2. Why do you guys act like your new to paintball. You guys played against the Duggers a few years ago

  3. happy birthday Jackson!!!!!


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