Thursday, April 30, 2020

'Nesting Mode and Mommies on a Mission' Recap

Bringing up Bates "Nesting Mode and Mommies on a Mission"

  • Michael, who has an associates in medical health science and an EMT certification, is at a phlebotomy lab with an LPN lab instructor. “I don’t exactly know what field I want to be in with nursing,” she says. “It’s just a desire that I’ve had. Nursing school is wonderful. It is very, very fast-paced.”
  • “Even as a teenager, she always talked about going to nursing school,” says Erin of her older sister. “Her going into nursing is such a natural thing, that I think everybody is just so pumped that she’s going to be doing that,” adds Josie.
  • “My teachers say over and over and over again, ‘Be the kind of nurse that you would want to have,’” says Michael. “Hopefully my patients will know that I care. I’m just looking forward to being a nurse.”
  • At Josie and Kelton’s new house, Erin, Chad, and Lawson come over to cover the red brick around the fireplace with white mortar. Addee the baby whisperer holds Willow. “The good thing about recruiting Erin is, Erin is married to Chad, and somehow she always can get Chad on these projects,” says Josie.
  • “My idea of moving into a new house and getting it ready to do is like, sweep and mop,” says Gil. “Their idea is like, take out walls and redo this and redo that, repaint that. I’m thinking, ‘Guys, slow down.’ But they’re driven.”
  • Josie comments that Lawson is fun and easy to have around. When asked why everyone gives Lawson such a hard time about not having a girlfriend, Callie responds, “Cause he’s 27 and doesn’t have a girlfriend. That’s very odd.”
  • When Lawson gets up on the ladder and tries out the German schmear technique (basically just a fancy way of describing the process of covering old brick with new mortar using a trowel) Erin and Josie wonder if he is precise enough. “Lawson is always willing to lend a hand, but I think we all know that Chad is the professional,” says Josie, chuckling. “He’s definitely better at his music.”
  • “About halfway through the project, I think it dawned on me after hearing Erin’s comments about my technique that I might be involved to see this project through to the finish line,” says Chad, who initial came over to provide tools. The fireplace looks amazing when it’s finished.
  • Michael and Brandon have the nieces and nephews and younger siblings over to make caramel apples. The tradition started when Addee, Ellie, and Callie were tiny, and now those three girls are helping the Keilens carry it on for the younger kids. “I think it’s going to be fun having little people over, but the thought of little people and sticky substance with a lot of little hands that touch a lot of things in the house, it’ll be interesting, but it’ll be fun,” says Brandon.
  • Even Kade gets in on the fun when Addee and Michael give him some licks of caramel. “I do typically try to stay away from giving Kade all of the candy and the sweets because all of his aunts and uncles try to do it way too often,” says Tori. “But I definitely expected that somebody would give him something while he was there.” After making apples, the group jumps in the leaves that Brandon had raked.
  • At Zach and Whitney’s house, Erin helps reorganize and redecorate Kaci’s room to add Khloe. “Kaci is so excited about sharing a room with Khloe,” says Whitney. “We have found her several times in Khloe’s crib rearranging her pillows and trying to get it ready and stuff.” Whitney says she loves having Erin’s help. “Zach probably hates you,” says Chad, laughing hysterically. Erin agrees.
  • Erin only has one bedroom for four kids. She has a bunk bed for Carson and Brooklyn with a pull-out trundle that Everly will use soon, plus a crib for Holland. “I’m just trying to work with what I have but still keep our eyes open if property comes up,” says Erin. “The location is everything to me, so finding a location that I love.” She would like to live near all the other cousins.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Nursing School with Michael

Michael Keilen at nursing school

How is nursing school going for Michael? Tomorrow on the show, viewers will head to school with the eldest Bates daughter and get a glimpse at one of her lab days in Jacksboro, Tennessee, located near Knoxville. And speaking of the Keilens, Michael and Brandon also have the youngest siblings and some of the nieces and nephews over to make candy apples (video below).

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Ellie Turns 13

She's number 16 in the Bates family lineup, and she is entering her teenage years today. Happy 13th birthday to Ellie Bridget Bates!

Ellie Bates

Callie Bates and Ellie Bates

Photos courtesy of; UPtv

Monday, April 27, 2020

German "Schmear' with Erin

Josie Balka and Erin Paine
Josie Balka and Erin Paine

Erin calls it the "German schmear technique," and the rest of the Bates clan looks at her like she's crazy. But little do they know that the method, and Erin's way of saying it, are completely legit. Check out this preview of Thursday's new episode.

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Lawson the Pilot

Another Bates has earned his wings! Lawson is officially a pilot. Congratulations! As most of you know, Nathan Bates is a pilot and flight instructor. When you want to get your pilots license, what better way to accomplish that goal than to have your brother teach you?

Pilot Lawson Bates
Pilot Lawson Bates

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Friday, April 24, 2020

'Your Girl Ain't Doing That'

Katie Bates and Travis
"They're trying to, like, flip upside down. Your girl ain't doing that, so I am not going to help with any part of this. Peddling is not going to happen."
-Katie Bates

When Katie and Travis compete against Nathan and Josie on a crazy ride at WonderWorks, it's clear who is having fun and who isn't. Could you see yourself going on this ride?

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv

Thursday, April 23, 2020

'A Great Bates Getaway' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "A Great Bates Getaway"

  • During a game of flag football, Trace breaks his finger while grabbing a flag. He is scheduled for surgery on the first day of the Bates’ family vacation in Gatlinburg.
  • Before checking into the cabin, the family spends time at WonderWorks, an entertainment center with science-focused exhibits. “Being the oldest, I’m kind of sentimental about getting everybody altogether,” says Zach. Chaney and Travis are joining in on this year’s vacation, as are Chaney’s two sisters.
  • Gil, Trace, and Chaney arrive. Trace has just gotten out of surgery and has his hand in a cast, and Gil still has his arm in a sling because he is recovering from shoulder surgery.
  • “I think any time you bring someone into the family, everyone feels that it is their duty to be your chaperone,” says Katie. “Sometimes there’s too many.” She and Travis ride a small simulator ride. Some of the Bates give them a hard time, but Kelly assures Gil that the ride is intense enough that they will both be clinging to their seats.
  • Later, everyone arrives at Von Bryan Estates, an 11-bedroom cabin. Kelly and Tori assign rooms. “Oh my word,” says Tori. “I did not know that could be so complicated.” After they complete that task, it’s time to bring in the groceries and start cooking. “It’s like a full-blown restaurant to feed an army,” says Nathan.
  • That evening, the kids and grandkids gather to shower Kelly, whose birth is the following day, with gifts. Per Bates family tradition, they all take turns sharing praises. “One of my favorite family traditions is on a birthday, we all get together and we talk about what that person has really meant to us in our lives,” says Lawson.
  • “I just want to say that you are definitely the most giving mom,” says Callie. “And you are always wanting to give. You’re never wanting to get yourself stuff, and you’re never mean about anything.” Kelton, Brandon, and Bobby bring in three birthday cakes for “Mama B.” Kelly says that her heart is full.
  • The next day, chaos ensues as everyone scrambles to get ready on time so they can make it to Anakeesta, a little mountain “town” accessed via chairlift.
  • The moms and little children enjoy lunch, while everyone else goes walking through the woods on rope bridges. “It is chaotic, but organized chaos, I guess,” says Travis, who is having a lot of fun.
  • During a family picture, taken by one of Chaney’s sisters, Tori and Bobby release blue confetti to announce the gender of their second child. “What a way to surprise everybody!” says Kelly. “I did not see this one coming.”

40 People Under 1 Roof

Brooklyn Paine and Callie Bates

Are you ready for Bates family vacation? Tonight on an all-new episode of Bringing Up Bates, the entire clan meets up in Gatlinburg for a getaway. Chaos ensues when they attempt to fit everyone into one cabin. This trip certainly won't be relaxing, but it will definitely be full of adventure. Tune in to UPtv tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT, and let the fun begin!

The network is doing a "Watch and Win" tonight. Look for a special word during the episode and the movie that follows, and enter both words at You might just win a Bates Sisters Boutique gift card! 

Cooking under one roof

Bates guys

Carlin Stewart and Josie Balka
Carlin Stewart and Josie Balka

Taking family photos

Katie and Travis

Photos courtesy of UPtv

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Khloe and Holland: 5 Months

It has already been five months since the arrival of Khloe and Holland. To spread a bit of cheer during this time of quarantine, we thought we would share these new photos.

Holland Paine and Brooklyn Paine
Holland Paine and Brooklyn Paine
Khloe Bates
Khloe Bates

Photos courtesy of Erin and Chad Paine; Zach and Whitney Bates @zachnwhitbates

Monday, April 20, 2020

Surgery for Trace

Trace Bates, Lawson Bates, Nathan Bates

Another Bates family member is having surgery. Nathan and Lawson try to prepare their younger brother for the worst case scenario. But there is a bright side for Trace: Chaney will be by his side.

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Chad Turns 33

Happy 33rd birthday to Chad!

Chad Paine, Holland Paine, Everly Paine, Erin Paine  Brooklyn Paine, Carson Paine
Chad Paine, Holland Paine, Everly Paine, Erin Paine
Brooklyn Paine, Carson Paine

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Zach Loves Food

Zach Bates and Whitney Bates
Local couples' date night

Zach: "Right now, I'm very hungry. I could order the whole menu, but once I start finishing with these appetizers, I won't be as hungry."

Whitney: "When we're in, you know, group settings, sometimes you have to just remind him that he needs a fork, and a plate, and a napkin before he starts digging in."

It's not secret that Zach is a foodie. If you have been a long-time viewer of Bringing Up Bates, you have likely picked up on this. In Zach's opinion, no gathering or event is complete without something delicious to eat. And he doesn't just talk about food, he prepares it, as well.

In the video below, Zach and Whitney discuss Zach's love for food, during their date night with the other local couples.

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv

Thursday, April 16, 2020

'A Pizza Katie's Heart' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "A Pizza Katie's Heart"

  • Erin, Whitney, Tori, and Carlin arrive at the doctor’s office for ultrasounds, with Kelly attending for support. Whitney is thrilled to find out that Khloe has hair. Erin also wants to know if Holland has hair, and she also asks the technician how big her nose is.
  • Carlin thinks Layla looks like a blob, until she sees her sweet little hand. Tori’s baby is even tinier, approximately 2.5 inches.
  • Dr. Vick informs Tori that she has the same blood disorder as Erin and Carlin. She wasn’t tested during her last pregnancy because she lived in Nashville and wasn’t under the care of Dr. Vick, although the condition can apparently be different with each pregnancy. “It’s very nice that Erin and Carlin are doing it too because I’m not by myself,” says Tori.
  • Later, Gil and Kelly have the local grandchildren over for a sleepover in their living room, while the couples go out on a date. Gil is still recovering from shoulder surgery. “Being the oldest girl at home now, I think any time Mom decides to have any sleepovers with all the grandkids, I somehow get roped into helping with these, which, I don’t mind a ton,” says Katie. “Only, the thing is, I do have early classes, so I try to get them in bed early.”
  • “Getting to go on a couples’ date is something I’ve been looking forward to,” says Michael. “It’s kind of a rarity, so having a chance to do this all together is just super exciting.”
  • “There’s a lot of energy,” says Katie. “I’m very thankful that I’ve got Addie and Ellie and Katie to help, but the real deal is, this is giving a good coverup to pull a big surprise on Katie.”
  • Katie’s “friend,” Travis Clark, shows up at the door with pink roses and pizza. Katie is floored. “I don’t know how to deal with surprises very well,” she admits. Katie and Travis started messaging a few months ago after being introduced by mutual friends. They connected well, so Katie and her parents have already been up to New Jersey to meet Travis’ family.
  • The next day, Travis and his sister Kayla go out to lunch with Katie, Kelly, and a few other Bates family members. Travis gives Katie a birthday present: a beautiful gift box that contains photos of the two of them, plus a pink ball hat and a few other goodies.
  • Kelly invites Travis on the Bates’ upcoming vacation to Gatlinburg. “…When you’re on family vacation, you learn a whole lot of secrets,” laughs Kelly.
  • Lawson jokes that he will be bringing his girlfriend on vacation. “If you bring a girlfriend, we will all celebrate,” says Kelly.
  • “Well, you guys are young, so hopefully this relationship is in it for the long haul,” says Kelly during lunch.
  • Travis also plans for the group to get ice cream at Cruze Farms, Katie’s favorite place. “If you want to win Katie, it’s pretty simple,” says Carlin. “Literally just give her pizza and ice cream, and she’s happy.” Katie is shocked that Travis will only eat vanilla.
  • After ice cream, they play “putt-putt,” which is mini-golf. Travis tries to help Katie, who admits that she is doing bad.
  • “We don’t want to rush any of our children into a relationship, but it is exciting when you meet somebody and you know that there’s something special, there’s something different about this person,” says Kelly. “Enjoy this time of being friends, get to know each other, hug…” “Hug?!” Gil exclaims. “Well, wait on the hugging.”