Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Big Plans for the Stewarts' Old Place

You've likely heard that Carlin and Evan Stewart just moved into their new place. They moved out of a rental and into their first purchased home. Their rental is owned by some friends, and it will soon be inhabited by another Bates couple...Trace and Lydia. Now that the Stewarts have vacated, Trace will use his construction skills to do some renovations (link to their video is below). Lydia plans to move in soon and will be joined by Trace after their October 1st wedding.

Trace and Lydia's Future Home

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Stewarts Move In

Carlin and Evan Stewart have officially moved into their new home! They purchased it back in April and have since spent many hours working on it. Over the weekend, they moved everything out of their rental house, where they have lived since their wedding three years ago, and into their new place. 

Video: Stewarts Pack Up

Layla Stewart and Zade Stewart

Photo courtesy of @carlinbates98, @evanpstewart16

Monday, June 20, 2022

Baby Girl Bates

As most of you know, Nathan and Esther Bates are expecting a baby in October. They just announced the gender… It’s a girl, and her name will be Kenna Joy Bates. The link to the gender reveal video will be posted soon. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Granny and PawPaw Visit Florida

Once upon a time, Alyssa was the only Bates child who lived outside of Knoxville, but now, a handful of Gil and Kelly's kids live in other places. Erin and Chad will soon be added to that number when they move their family to Florida. The parents of 19 are going to be kept busy vising all their children (and growing number of grandchildren) who live far away!

Last week, Gil and Kelly (aka Granny and PawPaw) spent a few days in the Orlando area with the Websters. 

Photo courtesy of @websterforever

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Lawson and Tiffany's Honeymoon

Lawson and Tiffany became Mr. and Mrs. Bates one month ago. They took off on an international honeymoon to an undisclosed location, followed by a cross-country road trip from San Diego to their new home in Nashville, Tennessee. They newlyweds are posting never-before-seen honeymoon footage to YouTube today. Those of you who guessed that they went to Greece were correct! You can tune in to their video (link below) starting at 12pm CT/1pm ET.

Lawson and Tiffany Bates: Honeymoon Part 1

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Jadon Turns 1

On June 7th, Jadon Bates turned one year old. You may remember hearing the news of his birth, followed by his nine-day NICU stay. Little Jadon just returned from a vacation with his parents and three older siblings. Five years ago, Zach and Whitney took Bradley and Kaci to Folly Beach, South Carolina, and they decided to relive that trip with all four children. On the way home, they stopped to see Gil's parents, Papa Bill and Mama Jane, at their South Carolina farm. 

Jadon Bates and Bradley Bates

Photo courtesy of @zachnwhitbates; thebatesfamily.com

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Update on Carlin

As many of you know, Carlin Stewart has been having some serious health struggles, which are most likely seizures, that her doctor is trying to get to the bottom of. He put her on a seizure medicine to suppress her episodes and will take her off the medicine and do an EEG next week. She can trace the episodes back to Zade's delivery at the end of March. What she doesn't know yet is why they started so suddenly or what is causing them. 

On a happier note, Carlin and Evan are working on their house. Below is a link to a YouTube video showing their progress. 

Video: New House Demo Day 2