Thursday, September 22, 2016

Three Pointers and Puppies

An all-new episode of Bringing Up Bates is coming your way in less than four hours!

Tune in to UP at 8pm ET/7pm CT for two reruns and then at 9pm ET/8pm CT for the main event, "Three Pointers and Puppies."

Scroll down for the complete schedule and one final sneak peek video. You're going to love Callie and Ellie's responses when asked what kind of pet they would like to have!

Thursday, September 22
8pm: From the Couch: Bates Go To Florida
8:30pm: You Can't Spell Paintball without PAIN
9pm: Three Pointers and Puppies (NEW)
The Bates boys are going to basketball camp. How will these homeschoolers do when they enter into organized sports for the first time? In true Bates fashion, a competition emerges between the brothers to see who comes home an MVP. Meanwhile, Erin and Chad Paine are expecting baby Brooklyn any day now, but they're already thinking about adding another member to the family - a new puppy! Will they find a four legged pal to bring home?
9:30pm: From the Couch: Bates Go To Florida 
10pm: Three Pointers and Puppies
10:30pm: You Can't Spell Paintball without PAIN

Photo/video courtesy of UP

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  1. They should volunteer at the local animal shelter. They are so close. Also think about adopting a teen/older dog. Not so much jumpy, energy.


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