Thursday, September 1, 2016

Recap: 'Bates Dish It Out"

Bringing Up Bates "Bates Dish It Out"

  • Zach and Chad work together to make a little bed for Bradley. “…The man has never-ending talents,” says Tori of Chad. “He’s amazing.”
  • Lawson joins his producer, Andy Leftwich, at Sound Stage Studios in Nashville to continue work on his upcoming album. “I’m always nervous going into the studio,” admits Lawson. “There’s so much going into it. You want to make sure you’re getting what you want out of it.”
  • “I think Lawson is seeing his music career really starting to grow,” shares Kelly. “Yes it requires talent…but I think a large majority of it is knowing the right people, being at the right place at the right time.” Stay tuned for details on Lawson's fall tour.
  • Emily Ann Roberts, who recently scored second place on The Voice, joins Lawson in the recording studio. The two vocalists give viewers a sneak peek of one of the duets they are performing together. Surprisingly, it's a heartbreak song. 
    • Trace: “Why do you do a breakup song when you should be doing a love song or something?”
    • Lawson: “Hey, you sing about what’s real to you.”
    • Nathan: “All that he’s ever known is breakups, so that’s what’s real to him.”
  • “I feel really, really blessed to be a part of this,” shares Emily Ann. “I’m really thankful that Lawson invited me to be on his record. I think it’s going to be incredible.” 
  • According to Callie, “Emily Ann has a voice like an angel.”
  • Back in East Tennessee, everyone heads out the door to eat lunch at Austin’s Steak and Homestyle Buffet, an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord. Gil and Kelly say it has been a while since their family has been to a buffet.
  • “The kids going to a buffet is like turning a child loose in a candy store,” explains Gil. “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips."
  • Most of the family members eat way too much, but not Tori. “You know what Tori did?” says Carlin. “Tori felt great afterwards ‘cause she walks in the buffet and what does she get at a buffet? A SALAD! So then, she started eating her big salad, so then I felt bad, so I had to get me a salad. So I ate that plus everything else, and so then I really felt bad.” 
The song playing in the background towards the end of the episode is "Bring A Little Joy," performed by Jasmine Ash. 


  1. Did Lawson have some courtships that did not work out?!

  2. thank you for your recaps! you do such a good job covering it all, that when i have to miss watching the show, i can 'read' it!

  3. I feel really disappointed in Lawson. He isn't using his talent in a way to serve the Lord. He is using the talent that the Lord gave him and using it to sing for the world.
    I feel like he's seeking to be famous.
    Hopefully he sings for Him too.

    1. He sings a lot of songs about God and religion. Maybe he feels as if "singing for the world" is God's plan for him.

    2. Did you listen to his album? It was a bunch of hymns and songs about the military. Throwing in a few (clean) love songs does not mean he is singing for the world. He is most certainly reaching people for Jesus and using his talent right.

    3. Do you use your talents to work at your church, or do you have a secular job?

    4. To have a successful career in music you have to be famous, either in the public eye or, amongst other music professionals so you can continue to get calls to work (studio work, commercial, small gigs etc). There's nothing wrong with that, it's just being good at your job.

  4. I love Lawsons new somg! When will it be released for purchase?
    Great show!


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