Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sneak Peek Photos

This Thursday, tune in to UP at 9pm ET/8pm CT for an hour-long special of Bringing Up Bates. You won't want to miss this one!

Watch as Zach and Whitney Bates do a maternity photo shoot and make final preparations before the arrival of Kaci Lynn Bates. Just days before the delivery, the expectant parents find out that their daughter is breech, which makes for a very emotional and stressful birth.

Meanwhile, Gil Bates and a few of his sons take Lawson's friend AJ on a memorable fishing trip.

 Taryn Yager (Taryn Yager Photography) snaps photos of Bradley Bates
 Whitney Bates shows off her bump

 Whitney Bates and Bradley Bates

 Taryn preps for a family photo

 Zach Bates, Whitney Bates, and Bradley Bates

 The crew captures Bradley's interactions with animal statues

 Chad Paine and Zach Bates show off Bradley's brand new, handmade toddler bed

 The little Bates clan browses through paint swatches at a local hardware store

 Bradley Bates gives cousin Carson Paine a pat on the cheek

AJ's fishing trip with the Bates men

Photos courtesy of UP


  1. Maybe wearing such tight clothes while pregnant helps keep their weight gain in check? I don't know. I've noticed they always talk about dressing modestly ( in these groups) except when pregnant. Then it's as tight and form fitting as possible. Seems uncomfortable to me, but ???

    1. I've thought the same thing. :/

    2. She's dressed modestly.

    3. If modesty is having your clothes painted on... But seriously, I've wondered the same thing. They are careful before pregnancy, but once pregnant, they wear skin-tight clothes.


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