Thursday, September 29, 2016

Recap: 'Meet Kaci Lynn Bates'

Bringing Up Bates "Meet Kaci Lynn Bates"
  • Zach and Whitney are expecting the arrival of Kaci Lynn Bates in the next couple weeks. "We're counting down the days," says Whitney. "I'm always going into her room and looking through her clothes and talking to Bradley about her." 
  • The little Bates family of three (soon to be four) heads to a local park to have pictures taken by Taryn Yager, the unofficial Bates photographer. 
  • Whitney says this pregnancy has been completely different than her first one. "With Bradley, I was sick all the time up until the day I had him," she shares. "And with Kaci Lynn, I have had so much more energy. Bradley has kept me going. I haven't been sick hardly at all."
  • "I can't wait for [Bradley] to meet [Kaci]," says Whitney. 
  • Zach looks forward to having two kids who are close in age. He and Michael were even closer in age, and they were inseparable. "Everything we did was the two of us," says Zach. "There's a bond there that nothing can really break. And I'm really looking forward to Bradley and Kaci having that same kind of relationship."
  • "Through life, they really have been like best friends," says Gil of Zach and Michaela.
  • AJ, Lawson's friend from the children's hospital, comes over to the Bates house with his parents and sister. AJ has multiple brain tumors--some that are inoperable--and has been through more than 40 chemo treatments. 
  • Gil, Lawson, and a few of the other Bates guys take AJ and his family fishing under a bridge on Cove Lake. AJ is absolutely ecstatic when he catches his first fish. When asked how much fun he has had with Lawson, he replies, "More than I can even say."
  • Whitney takes Bradley to her ultrasound appointment and enjoys pointing out "sissy's face" to her son. Unfortunately, Dr. Vick informs Whitney that Kaci is breech (upside down). He hopes she will flip on her own, but if she doesn't, the options will be to do a c-section or try to spin Kaci from the outside. The Bates resolve to cover the situation in prayer. 
  • At their next ultrasound appointment, Zach and Whitney are told that Kaci is still breech. "She's as stubborn as them come," says Zach, chuckling. "Definitely a Bates." At this point, it is much less likely that Kaci will flip on her own.
  • Zach and Whitney decorate the nursery in gender neutral colors and choose bedding for Bradley and Kaci. 
  • This time, Zach makes sure to pack for the hospital before Whitney goes into labor. "You would think that Zach would be pretty calm about this whole having the baby thing and going to the hospital, since his mom has had so many," says Whitney. "But last time, he was in a panic."
  • "Zach was so, I don't want to say comical, but he was so nervous, pour guy," shares Gil.
  • Later, the Paines deliver Bradley's new toddler bed, made with love by Uncle Chad. Bradley is absolutely thrilled, as he jumps up on the bed and lays down with a big smile on his face. 
  • The moment has finally arrived! Dr. Vick tells Zach and Whitney that it's time to try to flip Kaci and that if the procedure is successful, labor will follow. Lawson comes over to pick up Bradley and take him to stay with Whitney's dad (aka "Pawpaw").
  • The next morning, Carlin comes over at 3am to accompany Zach and Whitney to the hospital. "We just prayed that God would work it out however he saw fit, so we just went in there scared to death, hoping for the best," says Whitney.
  • At Whitney's request, her mom and Kelly are at the birth, which Kelly says makes her feel very special. 
  • Dr. Vick numbs Whitney up and then wheels her into another room to attempt to flip Kaci. Zach is able to go with his wife, but the grandmas have to wait in the delivery room. "Okay baby, we love you," says Kelly as Whitney leaves. "You're in God's hands. God knows what's best, and we're going to be praying for you." Whitney starts crying, as she and Zach are both very nervous. 
  • Dr. Vick announces that he will try for about 10 minutes to flip Kaci, and if he is unsuccessful, he will immediately proceed with a c-section. "When I was laying there...all I could do was pray and cry," says Whitney. "It didn't take him but just a second, and he was able to flip her." Everyone rejoices, especially the expectant parents. 
  • After a long day of waiting, Kaci finally arrives at 10:32pm. A family member brings Bradley to the hospital so he can meet his sister. 
  • "I can't explain the feeling of my wife having a baby, just an overwhelming sense of joy and fulfillment and excitement," shares Zach. "I wish you could bottle it up and keep it for a rainy day."
  • The next morning, all the Bates aunts and uncles arrive, and everyone has to take a picture holding Kaci. 
  • "I know one thing, that is a little girl that's got a lot of people that want to be there for her [and] love on her," shares Gil, his eyes welling up with tears.


  1. What does it mean "She's as stubborn as them come,"?
    The Bates are kind and sweet, but I really don't like how they don't get basic grammar rules right. When you hear someone speaking correctly it's so pleasant, like a breath of fresh air. I wish they did.

    1. Yes, I wish they did too! It's like nails on a chalkboard sometimes

  2. So excited for their families!!

  3. HOW IN THE WORLD is it that EVERY single major life event for these people have some sort of drama????? Not just occasionally, but every time. Is this just hype for the cameras????


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