Sunday, January 31, 2016

Invitation from the Newlyweds

How cute are these newlyweds? Michael and Brandon Keilen offer fans a front row seat at their wedding, which airs Thursday at 9pm ET/8pm CT, only on UP (video below).

Watch as the Bates clan bands together to pull off a beautiful, super-sized marriage celebration for their beloved Michael and her husband-to-be.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Friday, January 29, 2016

Bates Engagement Stories

We saw Brandon Keilen propose to Michael, but have you ever wondered about the details of the other Bates couples' engagements? In the following video, Zach & Whitney Bates and Erin & Chad Paine share their stories and show never-before-seen footage of those special moments.

Zach and Whitney's Engagement

Erin and Chad's Engagement

Videos courtesy of UP

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Recap: "Headed to the Altar"

Bringing Up Bates, "Headed to the Altar"...
  • Michael met Brandon several years ago at a homeschool conference. Between their first encounter and the start of their courtship (December 30, 2013), Michael prayed every day that she could be Brandon’s wife.
  • The show opens with a flashback to September 2014. Michael makes a surprise visit to Brandon’s Bible school in Texas. Although the couple waited until their engagement to hold hands, they showed affection throughout their courtship by hugging.
  • In November 2014, Brandon pays a visit to the Bates’ house just outside Knoxville, Tennessee, to get to know Michael’s family. They spend Thanksgiving with Gil’s side of the family.
  • In February 2015, Brandon takes Tori, Carlin, and Josie to a local jewelry store to get a feel for Michael's taste in jewelry. He ends up designing Micheal's ring himself.
  • Also in February, the older Bates boys take their future brother-in-law out for a guy’s night at a bowling alley. “They’re very intense,” says Michael of her brothers. “I guess in a way it makes me feel loved that they care that much about me, but at the same time, I felt for Brandon, knowing what he was going to go through.”
  • In March 2015, Gil, Kelly, and Michael meet with Brandon and his parents in Chicago, where Brandon has worked since graduating from Bible college.
  • Over a delicious dinner of Chicago style deep dish pizza, Kelly starts fishing for information. “Not trying to be nosy or anything, but just wondering: Have y’all talked about maybe a time?” pries the mom of 19. “Are you thinking a season, a particular season?”
  • The next day during lunch, Brandon holds a secret conference with Gil in the men’s room to discuss the engagement.
  • In April 2015, Brandon tells Michael that he will be traveling to Washington D.C. To ensure that Michael doesn’t suspect anything, Gil and Kelly encourage their daughter to “surprise” Brandon while he’s there. 
  • Brandon plans a scavenger hunt proposal, with help from his sisters Angie and Becky.
  • On April 13th, Michael spends the day traipsing around the city, as she follows Brandon’s clues. At each stop, Brandon has left a video and a piece of a cardboard replica of Michael’s ring. At the end of the scavenger hunt, Brandon is waiting to propose, as both sets of parents watch from afar. 
  • “The whole day was kind of like an emotional roller coaster,” says Michael.
  • With a lot of help from their families, Michael and Brandon’s wedding preparations go very smoothly. The couple’s four-month engagement is an emotional time for the Bates family, as they prepare for their beloved Michael to tie the knot and move to Chicago.
Details of Zach & Whitney and Erin & Chad's engagements are coming soon. Stay tuned next week for the wedding episode!   

Watch 'Bringing Up Bates' Online

 Lawson, Katie, Trace, Nathan, Tori, Josie, and Carlin Bates

For those who have been eagerly waiting for season three of Bringing Up Bates to hit iTunes, the moment has arrived! While Amazon still only has season one available for purchase, iTunes now offers every episode of Bringing Up Bates that has aired on UP.

Each episode costs $1.99 for SD and $2.99 for HD, and season passes can be purchased for $16.99 for SD and $25.99 for HD.

Seasons one and two are also available on

Out of curiosity, how many of you rely on iTunes, Amazon, or gMovies to watch Bringing Up Bates?

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Pre-Wedding Episode Tonight

 Michael Bates and Brandon Keilen on the day of their engagement
April 13, 2015

Tune in to UP tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT for an hour-long special of Bringing Up Bates, "Headed to the Altar" (video preview below).

Before airing Michael and Brandon's wedding, the network has squeezed in an episode that will take viewers through the important moments of the couple's courtship and engagement. Fans will also be treated to never-before-seen footage of the engagement celebrations of Zach & Whitney Bates and Erin & Chad Paine.

Can't tune in? Come back to our blog after the show for a recap.

Photo and video courtesy of UP/the Bates family

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bradley Bates: 0-15 Months

In just three days, Bradley Bates will turn 15 months old. As Zach and Whitney Bates prepare to welcome their second child on or around June 25th, let's take a trip down memory lane to see how much Bradley has grown! Which snapshot is your favorite?

Photos courtesy of Zach and Whitney Bates

Monday, January 25, 2016

'Bringing Up Bates' Schedule Change

UP has made a slight change to its schedule. Although the original plan was to air Michael and Brandon's wedding this Thursday, the network has decided to delay another week. But don't worry, it's for a good reason.

Tune in to UP this Thursday at 9pm ET/8pm CT for "Headed to the Altar," a one-hour special of Bringing Up Bates that will give viewers a look back at Michael and Brandon's courtship and engagement (video preview below). The episode will also show never-before-seen footage of the engagements of Zach & Whitney Bates and Erin & Chad Paine.The big Bates-Keilen wedding will air next week.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bates Sports Network: Super Bowl Picks

Are you watching football this afternoon? In the following video, Lawson Bates and Trace Bates announce their picks for today's games (New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers). Erin (Bates) Paine, clearly not a sports fan, also shares her two cents.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bates #2 Turns 26

Wishing Michael (Bates) Keilen a blessed 26th birthday! Michael and Brandon also just celebrated their five-month wedding anniversary.

Michael and Brandon Keilen

Photo courtesy

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Photos: Bates-Keilen Wedding Week

This evening on Bringing Up Bates, viewers watched as the clan enjoyed time together as a family during the week leading up to Michael's wedding. (Click here to read our recap.) Here are a few snapshots from the episode, as well as pictures of other wedding preparations:

 Gil and Kelly Bates take the younger kids on a rollerskating outing

 Callie Bates plays on the park equipment while her brothers skate

 Gil Bates accompanies Michael and Brandon to purchase their marriage license

 Brandon and the Bates boys go skating at a local ice arena

 Brandon takes a tumble and sustains a gash to his head

 Michael is relieved that Brandon's injury will not affect the wedding

 Gil & Kelly, Erin & Chad, and Michael & Brandon go to dinner at Calhoun's on the River

 Michael and Brandon, soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Keilen

 Michael and her bridesmaids enjoy a spa day

 The girls watch as Michael tries on her wedding dress one last time

 Tori also models her bridesmaid dress

 Friends and extended family arrive to help with preparations

The boys set up the stage

Photos courtesy of UP

Recap: '15 Kids and an Empty Nest'

Bringing Up Bates "15 Kids and an Empty Nest"...

  • Brandon arrives in Tennessee, and the wedding week begins! When asked if he is ready to get married, the groom-to-be responds: "I don't know if people would say I'm ready, but I'm wanting to get married."
  • "It hasn't been too stressful, with all of the people that have been helping out," says Michael.
  • Gil accompanies the couple to purchase their marriage license at the courthouse. "Do you have other children?" the clerk asks Gil. "Oh yes ma'am," Gil replies. "We're going to be down to a manageable size I think. We're only going to have 15 kids at home." The clerk drops her scissors in shock.
  • Before transferring their attention to wedding preparations, Gil and Kelly take the little kids on a special rollerskating outing at a local park. "Everybody's a good skater but Mom," says Kelly. "I'm the only one." She hangs on to Gil for dear life as he takes her around the park. "This is fun," says Gil. "No, this is not fun," replies Kelly."
  • While racing with the boys, Gil takes a few tumbles but doesn't sustain any injuries.
  • Meanwhile, the older boys take Brandon on an outing of his choice. He picks the Knoxville Ice Chalet. "We have done very little ice skating," admits Lawson. "We love rollerblading and [we are] decent at that, but when it comes to ice, it's a total different ballgame."
  • Just when the boys start feeling comfortable on the ice, they are faced with some competition. "I was getting good at it, and then these two girls came out," says Lawson. "They started doing this stuff that, hey, I ain't seen nothing like that except in the Olympics."
  • The girls attempt to teach the boys a few tricks. Brandon elects to play it safe and not participate, but he ends up skating over a puddle of water and wiping out. Although he bleeds quite a bit, the gash to the head that he sustains could have been much worse. The staff members bring out first aid supplies and help Brandon off the ice.
  • "It wasn't as bad as it looked, but I will say this: Nobody wants to have a big bandage on their head on their wedding day," says Nathan.
  • "I really think Michael is going to kill us, Nathan," says Trace. Lawson buys Brandon a cowboy hat to hide the injury. 
  • "We are all cowboys," says Lawson. "It's just who we are. Brandon is not a cowboy. He's a Yankee, all the way. And I thought, 'Man, what better gift to get him than a cowboy hat?'"
  • Michael hears about the ordeal before Brandon returns to the house and says she is "beyond panicked." She is relieved to find out that her husband-to-be has only sustained a minor injury.
  • The sisters and bridesmaids, including Jana Duggar, gather at Erin's house for girl talk and candle making. The gals are surprised to hear that Michael is not nervous about the wedding or the wedding night.
  • Later, Gil and Kelly, Erin and Chad, and Michael and Brandon enjoy dinner at Calhoun's on the River. "There is no way to put into words the emotions that I have been through this week," says Michael, as she balances the sorrows of leaving her family with the thrills of starting a new adventure with Brandon.  

Tonight on 'Bringing Up Bates'

On this week's new episode of Bringing Up Bates, the clan enjoys an exciting week of family time and last-minute preparations as the wedding countdown begins.

What will Michael say when Brandon comes home from a brothers' outing with a big gash on his head? Tune in to UP tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT to find out! And come back to the blog after the show for our written recap.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wedding Nerves? This Bride Says No

Is Michael Bates nervous about any of the events surrounding the wedding? She says no, but her sisters are surprised. "I remember what I was stressed about before the wedding...but [Michael] says she's not nervous about nothing, so she's better than I was," shares Erin (Bates) Paine (video below).

Watch as Michael gathers with her bridesmaids and sisters for girl talk and candle making just days before she becomes Mrs. Brandon Keilen. Tune in to UP tomorrow at 9pm ET/8pm CT for a brand new episode of Bringing Up Bates (details to follow).

Video courtesy of UP

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gil: 'You're Just Beautiful, Mike'

The wedding countdown has begun! Next Thursday, fans will watch Michael Bates marry Brandon Keilen during an all-new episode of Bringing Up Bates.

If you're in the mood to smile, watch the following video, which shows the family's reactions when Michael finally finds her dream wedding dress.

"You can't get married! Wahhhh! You look amazing!" (Carlin Bates)
"You're just beautiful, Mike." (Gil Bates, tearing up)
"I love this dress! This is what I've been dreaming of." (Michael Bates)

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Grandmother or Grand Mother?

 Erin (Bates) Paine, Kelly Bates, and Alyssa (Bates) Webster

What is it like to be a grandmother while having 15 children still living at home, 11 of whom are under the age of 18? Kelly Bates says she is torn between time spent with her grandkids and her own children (two videos below).

But according to Erin (Bates) Paine, Gil and Kelly still manage to "spoil all the grandchildren rotten." Alyssa (Bates) Webster adds that her parents also tend to treat their youngest ones like they treat the grandkids.

Videos courtesy of UP

Friday, January 15, 2016

Michael's Blackberry Cobbler Recipe

Did you tune in to UP for this week's new episode of Bringing Up Bates? Michael made her famous blackberry cobbler for the last time before marrying Brandon Keilen and moving to Chicago. It was a bittersweet day for the Bates family.

For those who are eager to try this Bates delicacy, here's the recipe (video also below):

Michael Bates' Blackberry Cobbler

1 stick butter
1 cup self-rising flour
1 cup milk
1 cup white sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Blackberries or other fruit*

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In the pan you will use to make the cobbler, place the stick of butter and put pan in hot oven so that butter melts. (The Bates family uses a cast iron skillet.)
  2. In a separate bowl, combine self-rising flour, milk, sugar, and vanilla. Mix well. Add the blackberries (or other fruit) to the batter.
  3. Pour batter into hot pan with melted butter. Bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes.
Recipe can be doubled to feed a larger crowd.

*The Bates don't specify how much fruit to add, but we recommend 3-4 cups.


Photo/recipe/video courtesy of UP

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Recap: Sweet Tea and Sit Ups

Bringing Up Bates "Sweet Tea and Sit Ups"...
  • Gil, Kelly, Michael, Erin, and Carson stop by Vol Market #3, one of the family's favorite Knoxville restaurants. The Bates’ friendship with the owners started when Michael was a child and eventually led to her becoming a full-time nanny for the owners’ children.
  • Like Erin, Michael has asked Vol Market #3 to cater her wedding food. “Her menu is going to be y’all’s chicken salad sandwiches, some sub sandwiches and chips and cake,” Kelly tells the owners.
  • Everyone has a different estimate of the number of guests that will show up to the wedding. Michael predicts 500-600, Kelly thinks 600-800, and Gil guesses around 1,000.
  • Up next is a meeting with the musicians, Emily and Natalie Raynes, who will play as the bridal party enters and leaves the sanctuary. During the ceremony, Brandon is arranging to have a few songs performed that he wrote for Michael.
  • Back at home, Kelly tells her family that she needs to lose weight before the wedding. “I need some incentive, so if it’s like a challenge or competition, I’ll be more motivated.”
  • The mom of 19 announces her plan: She and Gil will compete, with Tori as her trainer and Lawson and Gil’s trainer. But Kelly doesn’t want to judge the competition by the amount of weight lost, as she is embarrassed to step on the scale. So she suggests that the winner be the person who looks the best in the end. Gil says that Kelly will win.
  • “I said, ‘Dad, you want a real coach who knows what it takes to get in shape and look good? I’ll be your man,’” shares Lawson.
  • While Tori works out alongside her mom, Lawson’s approach is more hands-off.
  • Tori and Kelly spend their time walking and doing toning exercises for abs and upper body. Meanwhile, Lawson drives to a deserted road, pushes Gil out the door, and tells him to run alongside the truck. Lawson sits at the wheel enjoying air conditioning and a cold bottle of sweet tea.
  • The little kids pick two bowls of blackberries and beg Michael to make her famous blackberry cobbler. It’s a bittersweet moment, as everyone realizes that they won’t have Michael (or her cobbler) for much longer.
  • “Michael, she never wants to be in the limelight,” says Gil. “She wants to be behind the scenes helping somebody.” “She’s always thinking of others more than herself,” adds Kelly.
  • A seamstress friend brings over Michael’s finished wedding gown, and the Bates gals break down in tears as she models it. “I’m like the happiest girl ever,” she says. Her sisters and sister-in-law are thrilled for her, but they are all very sad to see her move to Chicago.

Tonight: 'Sweet Tea & Sit Ups'

Tune in to UP tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT for "Sweet Tea and Sit Ups," episode two of the third season of Bringing Up Bates. 

Gil and Kelly compete to see who can get in the best shape before Michael's wedding. While Kelly enlists Tori to motivate her and help with workouts, Gil finds that his coach, Lawson, uses a more hands-off approach to whip him into shape (promo video and pictures below). Be sure to come back to the blog after the show for our written recap.

Meeting with the musicians

 Erin (Bates) Paine shares her song ideas with the musicians

 Gil and Michael Bates discuss wedding ceremony logistics

 The crew films Gil's first workout

 The Tennessee summer heat is exhausting!

 Lawson and Gil Bates

Oh, you think you're done? Time for push ups.

Click here to watch another promo video.

Photos courtesy of UP

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Gil vs. Kelly: Weight Loss Challenge

This week on Bringing Up Bates, Gil and Kelly compete to see who can get in the best shape before Michael's wedding. While Kelly enlists Tori to motivate her and help with workouts, Gil finds that his coach, Lawson, uses a more hands-off approach to whip him into shape (video below).

"I think Dad's doing okay," says Lawson. "The only problem is, he just has this real weakness for sweet tea. It will be the death of our win if he doesn't get over that." Tune in to UP on Thursday at 9pm ET/8pm CT for Bringing Up Bates "Sweet Tea & Sit Ups."

Video courtesy of UP

Monday, January 11, 2016

16 Weeks Pregnant

Last week, we shared Zach and Whitney Bates' pregnancy announcement with you all and reported that Baby #2 is due this summer.

Whitney is currently 16 weeks along and looking forward to her June 25th due date.

That means that Bates Grandbaby #4 will arrive four months before brother Bradley Bates' second birthday and six months before Mom and Dad's three-year wedding anniversary!

Whitney Bates, Bradley Bates, and Zach Bates

Photo courtesy Zach & Whitney Bates/

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Another Bates Courtship?

In a recent clip (embedded below) from last week's season three premiere of Bringing Up Bates, Nathan's siblings spill the beans about a possible courtship.

"Nathan has his girlfriend," says Callie, 6, when asked which of her brothers and sisters will be the next to walk down the aisle. "Shhh, no he doesn't!" adds Ellie, 8. Trace follows with another comment about his brother's relationship status.

The Bates family has not yet made a formal announcement, but we will keep you posted.

Video courtesy of UP

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bates Wedding #5?

Lawson Bates, Nathan Bates, and Trace Bates

"One thing I will never do or support in our family is an outdoor wedding" (Lawson Bates).

After attending their aunt's wedding, the Bates kids share their guesses as to which of their siblings will be the next to tie the knot, following Michael. "I think it's probably going to be Tori," says Erin (Bates) Paine. "Tori really likes to hang out with guys."

Season three of Bringing Up Bates has begun! Click here to read our written recap of the premiere episode, and keep coming back to the blog for photos, videos, and updates.

Photo and video courtesy of UP

Friday, January 8, 2016

Zach & Whitney's Announcement (Photos)

WARNING: The following photos may cause cuteness overload.

Zach and Whitney Bates--who married in December 2013 and welcomed their first child, Bradley Gilvin Bates, in October 2014--are expecting another Bates baby this summer. (Click here for details.)

Check out these adorable shots from their maternity shoot, used with permission from Taryn Yager, a friend of the Bates family. (Learn more about Taryn and her photography business on her website and Facebook page.)

Zach Bates, Whitney Bates, and Bradley Bates

 Bradley Bates

 Bradley Bates

 Bradley Bates

Photos courtesy of Taryn Yager Photography

How Many Bates Babies?

Have you heard the big news? Zach and Whitney Bates are expecting their second child this summer! (Click here to view their announcement video.)

Bradley (born October 29, 2014) and his sibling will be a little less than two years apart, which is considered very close in age by the world's standards. But Bates standards are a bit different. Aside from the 27-month gap between Ellie Bates and Callie-Anna Bates, all of Gil and Kelly's 19 kids are 13 to 17 months apart.

Watch Tori Bates, 20, quiz Zach and Whitney on their favorite foods and the number of children they hope to have (video below).

Video courtesy of UP

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Big Reveal!

Up announced last week that there's another Bates baby on the way, and you all posted your guesses as to who might be expecting. The family shared the big news during tonight's season premiere, so it's time for us to tell you....

Zach and Whitney Bates are expecting baby number two this summer! (Scroll down for a short video.)

 Click here to view our recap of tonight's season premiere episode. 

The following photo is used with permission from Taryn Yager.  Learn more about this gifted photographer on her website or Facebook page.

 Zach Bates, Whitney Bates, and Bradley Bates (born in October 2014)

Video courtesy of UP; photo courtesy of Taryn Yager Photography

Recap: "Welcome Back Bates"

Bringing Up Bates "Welcome Back Bates"...
  • With three (soon to be four) kids married and two (Nathan and Tori) taking college classes, Gil and Kelly Bates joke that they are having empty nest syndrome.
  • “It’s just starting to hit me as it gets closer, that this is actually my wedding and I’m the one moving away,” shares Michael.
  • As the big day approaches, Gil and Kelly take Michael to Petals & Lace in Nashville, Tennessee, to find her dream dress. “It’s worth anything to find the dress for Michael,” says Gil. “I hate seeing [her] feel the pressure trying to find something [she] can’t.”
  • Several of Michael’s sisters (and brothers, surprisingly) come along. “When Lawson and Nathan caught wind of it, they were not going to be left out of something fun,” says Kelly.
  • “Girls think they know what looks good, but the truth is, you have to have a guy’s opinion to know if something is really good,” says Nathan.
  • Petals & Lace has many styles of dresses, including strapless. Gil's comment makes his wife and daughters laugh: “Most of these wedding dresses, they’re missing all the tops!”
  • “Most people don’t wear them, Dad,” responds Carlin. “He’s not been to many modern weddings has he?” says Kelly, chuckling.
  • Everyone takes a seat, and the fun begins. Lawson and Nathan, who just want to finish and grab pizza, keep things interesting with their witty remarks.
    • “That looks like my grandma’s wedding dress.” (Nathan)
    • “Do y’all ever want to get a dress, or y’all just want to keep talking about dresses?” (Lawson)
  • When Michael walks out of the fitting room wearing THE dress, Gil starts bawling. “I can’t think about it,” says the dad of 19. “We’ve kind of grown up together. She’s always been here. It really is sad.”
  • The proud father braces himself as the attendant prepares to announce the cost, but when she informs him that it will be $600 including tax, he is incredibly relieved.
  • One month before Michael’s wedding, the Bates family travels to Mebane, North Carolina, to watch Kelly’s sister Beth marry her long-time boyfriend.
  • The wedding is outdoors in the middle of summer, and as Gil says, it’s “H-O-T.”
  • Kelly and Michael take note of Beth’s decorations as they plan for Michael’s big day. “Mom is amazing,” shares the bride-to-be. "She’s best mom, matron of honor, best friend, all in one.”
  • Kelly, Michael, Addallee, and Ellie head inside to give Beth a pep talk before the ceremony.
  • The guests are nervous when they hear thunder, and although it starts to sprinkle during the vows, the wedding still ends up being a beautiful occasion.
  • For the next big Bates adventure, the family drives down to Honea Path, South Carolina, for Papa Bill’s 4th of July birthday party. (Papa Bill and Mama Jane are Gil’s parents.) 
  • Zach, who is in the middle of his training at the police academy, isn’t able to attend the party. Michael, accompanied by Callie, stays home so she can go to her scheduled dress fitting.
  • Mama Jane loves having her grandchildren over, but the lack of organization is hard on her. Every year, the kids manage to break Mama Jane’s hammock, and every year Mama Jane mends it. “The year before last when it broke, she took her shoe off and took it to a few of them,” shares Gil. “This year, she responded a lot calmer.”
  • Papa Bill, 77, has been having heart problems, so the extended Bates family cherishes every moment spent with him. During the party, the guests take time to share how Papa Bill has influenced their lives.
  • Whitney’s genuine comment brings everyone to tears: “…It’s really encouraging to watch all y’all as a family, how tight y’all are. [Zach] respects you, and he thinks a lot of you.”
  • Later, Kelly and Tori impress everyone during an all-generations kickball game.
  • During a commercial break, viewers find out which Bates couple is expecting a baby. It's Zach and Whitney! Click here for details. 

Season 3 Starts Tonight

Season three of Bringing Up Bates premieres tonight, and as usual, the Bates family is busy!

Michael finds her dream wedding dress, and the clan travels down to the Carolinas for Kelly's sister's wedding and Gil's father's 77th birthday party (video preview below).

As we announced last week, there's another baby on the way, and the Bates will reveal the big news during a commercial break on tonight's episode. Who do think is expecting? Share your guesses on Friday's post.

The show starts tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT, only on UP. We will post a recap after it airs.

Photo and video courtesy of UP

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

'Welcome Back Bates' Sneak Peek

The season three premiere of Bringing Up Bates is almost here! Scroll through these photos for a sneak peek of "Welcome Back Bates," which airs Thursday at 9pm ET/8pm CT on UP.

Episode summary: The Bates clan rallies together to help Michael finally find the wedding dress of her dreams and braves a stormy outdoor wedding for Kelly Jo’s sister. The family gathers to throw Gil’s dad, Papa Bill, a special 4th of July birthday party.

 Michael Bates attends her aunt Beth's wedding one month before she and Brandon tie the knot

 Kelly Bates and her sister Beth 
(with Addallee Bates, Michael Bates, and Ellie Bates)

Beth's tiny outdoor wedding is definitely not "Bates-sized"

 Beth and her new husband

The Bates family watches the wedding

 Gil Bates gives his sister-in-law a congratulatory hug

 Lawson Bates, John Webster, Alyssa (Bates) Webster, Josie Bates,
Carlin Bates, Trace bates, Tori Bates, Carson Paine, and Katie Bates

 Gil's parents (Papa Bill and Mama Jane)
Celebrate Papa Bill's birthday with a family get-together

Erin (Bates) Paine chops watermelon for thirsty kiddos

 Gil and Kelly Bates join in on outdoor sports

 Lawson Bates, Chad Paine, Erin (Bates) Paine, and Carlin Bates

 3 generations of Bates men
(Gil Bates, Bill Bates, and Jeb Bates)

Papa Bill holds up a card made by one of his grandchildren

Photos courtesy of UP