Q: How much pizza and ice cream do the Bates eat?
A: 9 large, single topping pizzas and 1.5 gallons of ice cream

Q: What makes Lawson laugh?
A: The Dick Van Dyke Show

Q: How much does the Bates family spend at McDonald’s?
A: Approximately $50

Q: What is the family’s favorite activity?
A: Anything that involves water, especially visiting the lake.

Q: Who is the best cook?
A: Callie says Michaella. Gil says: “Whoever cooks is the best cook.”

Q: What is Lawson’s favorite guitar brand?
A: Martin

Q: How did Gil become a pastor?
A: By serving alongside other pastors

Q: How do the kids find alone time?
A: Josie says: “There’s plenty of outdoor space.”

Q: What denomination are the Bates, and where do they attend church?

A: The Bates are Independent Baptist. They attend Bible Baptist Church, which meets at the Holiday Inn Express in Clinton, Tennessee, on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and Wednesday evenings.

Q: What are the Bates' favorite indoor games?

A: Card games

Q: Are the Bates recognized everywhere they go?
A: Not always, but they really enjoy meeting fans.

Q: How can you meet the Bates family?
A: By visiting their church (see above).

Q: What is Carlin up to these days?
A: Carlin will start an online degree at Crown College Minnesota in fall 2016.

Q: The Bates enjoy singing together as a family and have performed at quite a few churches and conferences over the years. What is their favorite song to share with others?
A: "The Lord Has Blessed Me In So Many Ways"

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways,
That I could not begin to tell you how good He has been

He's my Friend, He's my Guide, He's my Shepherd, my Light,
The Lord has blessed me in so many ways.

Verse 1:
And I have been blessed with a family that has felt God's great touch,
He's been present in trials and He loves me so much

Though we fail, though we stumble on His Word we still stand,
And we know He'll be faithful to reach that fair end


Verse 2: 

But the greatest of all blessings that I ever received,
Was His saving power when on His name I believed

Well, I had nothing to offer but my guilt and my sin,
It was all through the blood and His holy Name

We've been soo blessed, sooo blessed,
Blessed by His bountiful hand


Q: Do the Bates consider themselves to be good singers?
A: According to Gil, whether they have quality voices doesn't much matter because they are obeying the Biblical command to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord."

Q: What is the family's go-to news source, and who is the most likely to share a current event with the rest of the clan?
A: SRNNews.com; Zach

Q: How many bedrooms and bathrooms does the Bates' house have?
A: 8-1/2 bathrooms (they only had three before adding on several years ago) and 6 bedrooms (two for the girls, two for the boys, one for Mom and Dad, and one for guests).

Q: Who is the best swimmer?
A: Nathan

Q: Do Gil and Kelly enjoy traveling?
A: Kelly does. Gil is more of a homebody, but he has taken his wife on several trips since they were married.

Q: Who is the biggest practical jokester?
A: Gil. It used to be Erin, although Kelly says she "married somebody so mature that she kind of grew out of the prank stage."

Q: How long were Kelly's 19 labors?
A: Her longest was 21 hours, and her shortest was one hour.

Q: What is the Bates' mailing address?
A: PO Box 544 Rocky Top, TN 37769


  1. I love the Bates family and their faith, love, values, communication, individual talents and fun. I just watched an episode of the family canoeing in an icy river. I am very concerned that not everyone was wearing life jackets. Especially all of the little kids (some did have jackets on). I say this with love. I live in an area with a lot of rivers and lakes and people of all ages drown every year because they were not wearing life jackets and their canoe or boat tipped over, in water over their heads. Some have even been very good swimmers but the cold of the water unexpectedly shocks their system and they become helpless. Adults included. Skiers included. Please, please Bates family, wear life jackets! I find your show pure pleasure to watch, full of the family dynamics I wish more families had. I love that God is at the center of it all! Thank you!

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  5. I'm curious about the inspiration behind some of the Bates' names. Like Michaela, Carlin, Warden, Judsen and Jeb. We love love love the Bates!

  6. What network does the show air on?

    1. Hi there,

      The show airs on UP (uptv.com).

      Lily and Ellie

  7. How can I watch Season 4 as I love this show but I live in Australia and we don't have UpTv and season 1 and 2 are on Foxtel but I can't watch season 3 or 4?

    1. Amazon Video or Itunes

  8. Is there a reason why cute little miss Katie is never seen on the show? I love her humor and miss seeing her in the interviews.

  9. Can you expound alittle more on Whitneys history. I understand she was adopted by her best friends parents when her parents died. Is that correct?

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    1. In one show Chad says he needed to use Kelly's wifi, and the kids also use some computer curriculum for school. So,yes, they have Internet, but they didn't always have it. I remember one episode of the Duggar show where they mentioned the Bates went to the library to use the computer & internet for emailing. I don't remember how long ago that was though.

  11. redbeelips@gmail.comDecember 29, 2016 at 9:29 PM

    My husband and I are 70 year old grandparents of 11. Our son and all ten of his children (age range 5-18)moved in with us last November 2015. I can't discuss the particulars so as to respect their privacy. I began watching your program a few months ago and have been so encouraged by gleaning little bits and pieces of your day to day lives. I loved when one son said that if he didn't keep on top of the dishes that they would be piled up to the faucet. That has happened to us many times. And, we also have a girl who laughs (cackles) like one of your daughters. It is so annoying especially when we are trying to have a little quiet time. We deal with other problems that you will never have to overcome. But, we are still very encouraged as we watch you parent and have fun doing it. For now our personal finances are stretched to the limit but we know that this is only temporary, too. We know that we are constantly being blessed by the Lord...even when it doesn't feel like it. Thank you for sharing your family and your faith with your fans.
    ShaRon Conway - Maryland

  12. What is the occupation of Alyssa's husband John Webster?

    1. He and Alyssa own a cleaning business (and do all the cleaning themselves unless I'm mistaken).

  13. I did not know you all had a show. I was home sick and woke up and it was playing. I then had to set your show up on DVR so I would not miss anymore. I'm happy you all have a show and wish you and your beautiful family all the best.

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    2. I wondered the same thing! My friend said she is just best friends with one of the girls, but, if we are thinking of the same girl, I saw her a lot in season 4 (haven't been able to watch much of season 5)

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    1. King James Version Bible ( KJV )

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