Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Another Giveaway!

Last week, we announced that we were giving away five copies of Erin Bates Paine's Lullaby CD. Well, the giveaway is over, and the winners have been chosen and contacted.

If you would like to try your hand at another giveaway, I (Ellie) am raffling off two copies of the new movie Champion. Head on over to my personal blog, NashvilleWife.com, to enter to win.

Photo courtesy of championthemovie.com

Whitney's Sing-o-Gram

In this throwback to Valentine's Day 2015,  four older gentlemen dressed in matching suits stop by the Bates house to surprise Whitney with a rose, a card, and two love songs.

"It was the sweetest thing I'd ever seen!" exclaims the excited Whitney. But according to seven-year-old Ellie Bates: "She really didn't listen to it. She kissed Zach the whole time." Check out the Great Bates Moment video clip below.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Monday, October 30, 2017

Lawson's Christmas Concert

The holidays are quickly approaching, and Lawson Bates is inviting fans to ring in the season at a Christmas concert this December. The event will benefit Hope Resource Center, a nonprofit organization in Knoxville that works to "empower healthy choices for life by providing compassionate, holistic reproductive healthcare."

The Bates family will be at the concert, as will some special guests. Kelly says that Lawson has a few surprises up his sleeve, as well. 

Christmas Concert with Lawson Bates
Saturday, December 9th, 2017
Black Oak Heights Baptist Church
405 Black Oak Drive, Knoxville, TN
Tickets prices:
    Ages 4 and under: Free
    Ages 5-12: $8.00
    Ages 13+: #12.00
    VIP all ages: $55.00**

**VIP ticket includes an autographed album, a photo opportunity, and a chance to hang out with Lawson and members of the band before the show. Limited quantity available.

Click here to purchase tickets on Lawson's website. 

Photo courtesy of lawsonbates.com

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Bates Grandchild #1 Turns 3

Happy 3rd birthday to Bradley Bates! He's the oldest child of Zach and Whitney Bates and the oldest grandchild of Gil and Kelly Bates, and he's pretty stinkin' cute.

Whitney Bates, Bradley Bates, Zach Bates

Photo courtesy of Zach and Whitney Bates

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Kelly: 'Are you serious? You're lyin'!'

As we look forward to the arrival of Baby Paine #3 in April (click here to read our announcement post, which includes the name and gender), we have been revisiting some of Erin and Chad Paines' happiest moments as parents.

Last week, we shared the exciting clip in which Erin and Chad revealed that their first child, Carson Paine, would be a boy. In the Great Bates Moments video below, which takes place before the gender announcement clip, the couple invites Gil and Kelly Bates on a double date to announce their first pregnancy. This is an especially tender moment because at that point, Erin and Chad had suffered multiple miscarriages.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Whitney's First Sign

In late September, we announced that Whitney Bates had scored a job as a REALTOR® with Bailey and Co. Real Estate. Now, a month later, the mom of two has just seen her name on a sign for the first time, and she's ecstatic (can you tell?).

Whitney Bates

Photo courtesy of Zach and Whitney Bates

Kelly's 51st

Happy birthday to Kelly Bates! You won't believe it, but the Bates mama is 51. (Having 19 kids sure has kept her looking young!)

Earlier this month, she and Katie Bates took a joint birthday trip to South Dakota, where they visited a number of sites, including Mount Rushmore, Badlands National Park, and Crazy Horse.

Gil and Kelly Bates in South Dakota

Photo courtesy of thebatesfamily.com

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Win Erin's 'Lullaby' CD

Who doesn't enjoy free stuff? If you do, head on over to Ellie's newest blog, NashvilleWife.com, to enter for your chance to win a copy of Erin Bates Paine's Lullaby CD. If you don't like free stuff...well...you might want to rethink your reasoning.

Artwork courtesy of Chad Paine; photo courtesy of TarynYagerPhotography.com

Allie and Lexi

A few days ago, we shared a photo from Alyssa and John Webster's recent cruise to the Bahamas. It has been several weeks since we have showed you updated pictures of their daughters, two-and-a-half-year-old Allie Jane Webster and Lexi Mae Webster (turns nine months in two days), so here you go!

 Allie Webster

Lexi Webster

Photos courtesy of John and Alyssa Webster

Monday, October 23, 2017

Double Bates Date

Happy Monday! We know you'll like this photo from a recent double date that Carlin Bates and Josie Bates went on with their guys. They were accompanied by other family members and friends.

 Kelton Balka, Josie Bates, Carlin Bates, Evan Stewart

Carlin and Evan

Photos courtesy of Carlin Bates/thebatesfamily.com

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Websters Take a Cruise

We know you all enjoy updates from Alyssa and John Webster, the Florida-dwelling members of the Bates clan. They recently took a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas. Have you ever been on a cruise?

Alyssa Webster and John Webster

Photo courtesy of Alyssa and John Webster

Friday, October 20, 2017

It's a...Boy!

"I can only picture a miniature Chad, so he's going to be darlin'. If he looks like Chad, we'll all be happy."
-Erin (Bates) Paine

In honor of Erin and Chad's pregnancy announcement this week, we have a fun Great Bates Moment to share with you all. Almost three years ago, when Erin was expecting Carson, the elated couple announced the gender news to the family (and to themselves) with a colored cake. Watch the tender moment in the video below.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Erin on Health Struggles

 Carson Paine and Brooklyn Paine

When Erin Paine was asked towards the end of her last pregnancy how many kids she and Chad planned to have, her response was comical: "I think two?" Fifteen months later, Erin is expecting her third child, and the Paines couldn't be more thrilled.

But in the midst of the joy, there is some apprehension. You may remember that before becoming pregnant with Carson, Erin suffered multiple miscarriages due to a then-undiagnosed blood clotting disorder. It was that same health issue that caused Carson's birth to be extremely painful. Thankfully, Erin was able to have an epidural with Brooklyn, so her second delivery was much smoother.

“I think I will always have a certain level of fear during pregnancy, since I have had miscarriages in the past, but I know I have a great doctor who reassures me we are doing everything to keep baby and mom safe and healthy through this,” Erin told People Magazine this week. “I am so grateful for the love and support from Chad as well. I’ve been pampered.”

As a side note, the Paines also told People Magazine that they fell in love with the name Everly when they stumbled upon it in a baby book. Chad chose their daughter's middle name. Everyly Hope is due in April 2018.

Photo courtesy of UP

Carson: 'I'm Gonna Rub Her Pace'


"I'm gonna kiss Ezerly Hope. I'm gonna hug her. I'm gonna rub her pace."
-Carson Paine

We just can't get enough of this adorable video from Carson Paine! At two years and five months, he's already the big brother to one little sister, and he's thrilled to be gaining another one in April.

If you haven't heard Erin and Chad Paine's big news, check out yesterday's post. They have already chosen a name, and while it's not "Ezerly," Carson's pronunciation is close.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bates Grand-Baby on the Way!

Carson Paine, Brooklyn Paine, Allie Jane Webster,
Lexi Mae Webster, Bradley Bates, Kaci Lynn Bates

Gil and Kelly Bates will soon add another grandchild to their ever-growing family. Erin Bates Paine is pregnant! She and husband Chad Paine are expecting a baby girl in April, and they have already chosen a name: Everly Hope Paine.

Check out this adorable video message from Carson Paine, and visit the UP website for more. Bringing Up Bates season seven premieres January 4th.

Video courtesy of UP; Photo courtesy of tarynyagerphotography.com

Bun in the Oven

"I read it and I thought, 'I wonder what she's cooking today?'"
-Jackson Bates

Do you recall the summer 2014 Bringing Up Bates scene when Alyssa and John Webster announced that they were expecting their first child, Allie Jane? Let's revisit it in the Great Bates Moments video below! The family's reaction is priceless (and quite loud).

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Monday, October 16, 2017

Saturday, October 14, 2017

New Photos of Carlin and Evan

In the Bringing Up Bates season six finale, Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart were given the green light from Gil and Kelly Bates to begin an official courtship, but the season ended before Evan could officially ask Carlin.

Rest assured, another season has been ordered (26 episodes, the largest yet) and will premiere in January 2018. Until then, here are a couple new photos of the couple:

 Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart

Carlin and Evan

Photos courtesy of tarynyagerphotography.com

Thursday, October 12, 2017

And Puppy Makes 5!

Wondering why we posted a random picture of an adorable, eight-week-old beagle on the blog? Well, Bradley Bates turns three in a couple weeks, and he just received an early birthday present from relatives on Whitney's side.The little beagle doesn't have a name yet, but it sure is cute!

Bradley's cousin Carson Paine also has a pet dog, which the Paines welcomed last summer. His name is Max, for those who hadn't heard.

  • Bradley Bates and his new puppy

Photo courtesy of Zach and Whitney Bates

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Great Bates Moment: Zach and Whitney's Engagement

Last week, we shared two Great Bates Moments (an emotional clip of Michael Bates right before she walks down the aisle to become Michael Keilen and footage from Chad Paine's proposal to Erin Bates).

As Zach and Whitney Bates approach their four-year anniversary (December 14th), let's look back at their romantic engagement on September 12th, 2013.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bates Make a Difference

Over the past two months, the Bates have gone on multiple trips to assist with humanitarian efforts. In August, Lawson Bates, Nathan Bates, Trace Bates, and Carlin Bates spent two weeks in the Philippines on a medical mission trip.

After Hurricane Harvey brought devastation to Houston, Texas, in late August, Lawson and Nathan drove down to the area to do rescues with their boat. They were miraculously able to save more than 100 people from the flood waters.

Earlier this month, Nathan flew himself and Lawson to Puerto Rico, where the dynamic duo spent a few days delivering food, water, and supplies to remote villages.

We have already shared many photos and videos from these trips, but check out these two clips from the August Philippines mission that were sent to us by Lawson. 

Photo/videos courtesy of lawsonbates.com

Monday, October 9, 2017

New Photos of Kaci Lynn

Kaci Lynn Bates is almost 16 months old! The "little Bates family" is busy these days, with two little toddlers and Whitney's new job, but they love spending time together. Here are a few new snapshots so you can see how much Kaci and Bradley have grown.

 Whitney Bates, Kaci Lynn Bates


 Zach Bates, Kaci Bates, Bradley Bates

Photos courtesy of Zach and Whitney Bates

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Photos: Bates in Puerto Rico

Last week, we shared that Lawson Bates and Nathan Bates had just landed in Puerto Rico to help with recovery following Hurricane Maria. Saddened by the extensive damage and devastation, they spent several days delivering food, water, and supplies to remote villages. Here are a few photos:

 Lawson Bates with a group of local children

 Lawson with other volunteers

 Delivering supplies

Photos courtesy of lawsonbates.com

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Carlin Visits Nashville

This weekend, Carlin Bates is in Nashville visiting boyfriend Evan Stewart. With Evan's sister Kailyn as their chaperone, they enjoyed a date at Pie Five Pizza and a shopping excursion at Charming Charlie. On September 17th, the couple celebrated the one-year anniversary of when they first became friends.

This summer, Evan received permission from Gil and Kelly to ask Carlin to begin an official courtship. Watch upcoming episodes of Bringing Up Bates to see their relationship progress.

Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart

Photo courtesy Carlin Bates/thebatesfamily.com

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Michael Down the Aisle

Another Great Bates Moment coming your way! On Tuesday, we shared a clip from Chad Paine's proposal to Erin Bates. The video below was taken just before Micheal Bates walked down the aisle to sweetheart Brandon Keilen. We just love the raw emotion and pure joy written on Michael's face.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Bates #11 Turns 17

Wishing Katie Bates a blessed 17th birthday!

If you enjoy this blog, be sure to check out Ellie's other blogs (NashvilleWife.com and DuggarFamilyBlog.com).

Photo courtesy of UP

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bates in Puerto Rico

In early September, they helped rescue more than 100 residents from the flood waters left by Hurricane Harvey using a small boat. Now, Lawson Bates and Nathan Bates have just landed in Puerto Rico (flown in by Nathan) and are ready to lend a hand.

Two weeks after Hurricane Maria's direct hit on the U.S. territory, most of the island is still without water and power. Please pray for Lawson and Nathan and the impact they will have, as well as those suffering from this terrible tragedy.

Below is a video filmed by Lawson as he and Nathan prepared to land. 

Photo/video courtesy of lawsonbates.com

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Erin and Chad's Engagement

"I was so scared and excited at the same time, but then he asked if I would marry him."
-Erin (Bates) Paine

With the recent engagement of Tori Bates and Bobby Smith, it's the perfect time to look back at past Bates proposals. In the video below, Chad Paine gets down on one knee and asks Erin Bates to marry him.

Erin and Chad knew each other as friends for multiple years, began courting in January 2013, were engaged in August 2013, and tied the knot on November 2, 2013.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Monday, October 2, 2017

New Photo: Josie and Kelton

Lawson Bates, Kelton Balka, Josie Bates, Tori Bates, Trace Bates

Season six of Bringing Up Bates ended ith an engagement announcement from Tori Bates and Bobby Smith, as well as approval from Gil and Kelly Bates for Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart to begin courting.

During the season, we also saw Josie Bates begin to get to know Kelton Balka. Above is a new photo of the couple with three of Josie's siblings. For more updates on the sisters' relationships, keep coming back to to the blog, and be sure to tune in to the new season, premiering January 4th.

Photo courtesy of Trace Bates