Friday, September 23, 2016

Photos: Bates at Basketball Camp

What did you think of last night's episode of Bringing Up Bates? (Click here to read our written recap.)

Filmed in June, the show features the trip that Gil and Kelly Bates and most of the kids take to Fort Wayne, Indiana, to watch the boys participate in a church-run basketball camp. And back in Tennessee, the Paines visit the local animal shelter to search for a pet dog for Carson. Check out these snapshots:

 The Bates family checks out the basketball memorabilia on display at the fitness center

 Team shot

 Warden Bates and Isaiah Bates

 Nathan Bates and Trace Bates

 Nathan Bates and Jackson Bates

 Watching from the bleachers

 Isaiah Bates

 Gil Bates talks with the coach

 Kelly Bates and Carlin Bates congratulate Isaiah Bates on a job well done

 Gil and Kelly Bates are all smiles watching their boys play sports

 Kelly Bates cheers on her sons

 Lawson Bates

 Lawson Bates blocks Nathan Bates

Photos courtesy of UP


  1. Did any of the Bates girls play in the camp as well?

  2. I found Nathans outrageous antics on the court disturbing and lacking in good judgement and considertion for the rest of his team members and siblings.
    The rest of the Bates boys played hard and did a great job. It was good to see Michala and Brandon there too! I loved the episode and wish they were longer though.

    1. I agree. Nathan is how old? 22-23? A child just learning the sport would be reprimanded, but a grown adult should have been benched. Was this for TV ratings--didn't exactly put homeschooled kids who want to join organized sports in a positive light.

  3. You don't wear long pants jeans to play need shorts that give you flexibility. This is not immodest at all, but practical.

    1. I know. And the Bates boys wear shorts elsewhere.

  4. The Bates children are very attractive - Trace is really going to be a VERY good looking guy. . . . VERY.
    I enjoyed the show very much - they are a lovely family

  5. Not sure about those athletic pants...they like ok hot and sticky. Why not basketball shorts? They are long and loose. Or many boys in my area just wear leggings underneath to protect their knees and skin if they fall...

  6. I doubt it. They probably don't think girls should play basketball or any sport for that matter.

    1. i'm sure the bates girls play plenty of sports. i know they water ski.etc. they are just as athletic and ccompetitive as their brothers.


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