Monday, September 21, 2020

Whitney Turns 27

Happy 27th birthday to Whitney Bates!

Whitney Bates, Zach Bates, Khloe Bates, Kaci Bates, Bradley Bates

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Season Finale Snapshots

Chad Paine and the kids

Over the weekend, we shared that Thursday's episode will be the season finale. You'll see Gil create a backyard boot camp for the Bates boys to help Jackson stay in shape. And when the family celebrates Father's Day, Josie surprises Kelton with a special gift.

Brooklyn Paine

Erin Paine, Carson Paine, Brooklyn Paine
Erin and the kids

Gil's boot camp for the Bates sons

The Paine family

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

A Name for Baby Webster

Allie Jane Webster, Lexi Mae Webster, Zoey Joy Webster

In early August, Alyssa and John Webster shared their baby news, and a week ago, they announced the child's gender. This week, the big news is that they have chosen a name. What will they call their fourth daughter? Maci Jo Webster. 

You can probably figure out that the middle name is after Alyssa's mom, Kelly Jo Bates, and grandmother, Betty Jo, so it's a multi-generational name. The Websters now have Allie Jane, Lexi Mae, Zoey Joy, and Maci Jo. Do you see a theme? The link to their announcement video is below.

Webster Baby #4 Name Announcement

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Season 9 Finale

Everly Paine
Making bird houses for Chad

"He gives us lots of things in our stocking when it's Christmastime."

-Carson Paine

We have some sad news, friends. Next Thursday is the season nine finale of Bringing Up Bates. We know that's not the happiest way to start your weekend, but we thought you ought to know. 

In this episode, it's Father's Day, and the Bates are honoring their dads. Erin leads her kids in decorating bird houses and asks them to share their favorite things about Chad (adorable video below).


Photo/video courtesy of UPtv

Thursday, September 17, 2020

'Never Before Seen on TV' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Never Before Seen on TV"

  • While helping Josie pack her hospital bag, Kelly shares some wise words: "I don't want to be that mom who is wanting to push ideas or stuff on their children, so I love that we can talk and share experiences and laugh, and if I have some tips, I certainly try to give those. But at the same time, I don't want any of the kids to feel like, 'Mom's a know-it-all, and we have to do it her way' because everybody's different." Josie is very appreciative of her mom’s tips. 
  • Katie is in cosmetology school, and the kids weigh in on whether they trust her to cut their hair. "She cut my hair once, with tools that didn't work that great," says Isaiah.
  • “I like to wait until they are fully out of school,” admits Tori. “I mean, this is a lot of hair, and long hair can look really bad if it accidentally gets messed up.”
  • While Michael trusts Katie to cut her hair, the two Bates sisters have a nice chat. The other siblings agree that Michael and Katie are complete opposites. “I think everything about Michaela and Katie is different,” says Callie, candidly. “Especially their personality and their style.”
  • “Katie’s sassy,” adds Brandon. “[Michaela’s] not.”
  • How about similarities? “They are both very messy, very,” says Carlin.
  • “They love to help people,” shares Erin.
  • During a family game night at the big house, one team member draws a picture and the other teammates guess what it is. Who are the best artists in the Bates family? Michael, Erin, and Carlin.
  • “We only have like 12 kids at home,” says Gil. “It’s like an empty nest around here, quiet all the time. So having everybody back to have the party get-togethers is like back in the old days.”