Thursday, May 28, 2020

Bates Return in July

Tonight was the mid-season finale of Bringing Up Bates, and UPtv has already announced the premiere date for season 9B. It's Thursday, July 23rd. Among other events in store, the family celebrates I Love You Day, Trace reacts to Chaney's breakup, Katie takes the next step with Travis, and the Bates attempt to navigate the COVID-19 lockdown. Check out the preview video below.

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv

'Holiday Traditions and Baby Additions' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Holiday Traditions and Baby Additions"

  • As the show opens, Zach and Whitney and their little family are enjoying some bonding time at home, now that baby Khloe has arrived. “Bradley, from the second we told him that he was getting another little sister, has always seemed very possessive of her,” says Whitney. “Now that she’s here, he definitely wants her all to himself. He’s quite the protective big brother.”
  • Kelly brings several of the kids come over to see Khloe. “Even though there’s so many grandkids and we’ve been through it a lot, we always get excited for a new niece or nephew,” says Callie.
  • Later, family and friends gather to throw Carlin and Evan a baby shower. “Everybody acts like pregnancy is easy,” says Carlin. “They’re liars. I will be upfront with you. It is so much work.”
  • It’s a coed event, and the Bates guys admit that baby showers are not their favorite types of parties. “Having both guys and girls at showers, I’m always very happy when other guys show up,” says Brandon, chuckling.
  • Carlin, Kelly, and Denese compete in a diaper stacking competition. At the last second, Kelly’s and Carlin’s stacks fall, and Carlin grabs her mother-in-law’s hands so her stack falls, too. “If I could rewind, I’d probably do that different,” Carlin admits.
  • Evan, Kelton, and Ethan (Evan’s brother) compete to see who can eat the most baby food. Evan wins the fruit round and advances to the veggie round against Nathan and Ben (Evan’s brother-in-law). Ben wins.
  • Erin goes into labor late in the evening, and Carlin comes over to document the event. Kelly, Tori, and Whitney meet them at the hospital, and Gil arrives later. Before long, Gil is asleep on the couch.
  • Erin’s oxygen levels drop, and the baby’s heart rate drops a little, so the nurse gives Erin an oxygen mask. When she starts to push, Holland arrives very quickly. Later that morning, the other three little Paines come by to meet their sister. They bring gifts.
  • Later, Chaney comes to town, and Trace takes her on a skating double date with Zach and Whitney.   
  • Caroling at nursing homes and assisted living facilities is a long-time Bates Christmas tradition. “Ever since I was a little kid, my parents wanted to have a huge emphasis on music, and they always taught us, ‘You may not be the best singer or the best musician, but if it can somehow minister to somebody, then it’s worth it, and it’s a blessing,’” says Lawson.
  • The family gathers at the big house to rehearse. “One of my favorite memories, looking back, was taking treats to people who were shut in or couldn’t get out,’ says Michael. “And as kids, I think it’s easy to just want new things and get excited about gifts. And Dad and Mom were careful to help us learn that it’s important to give and it’s important to think of others and just to help build that character in us.”
  • When the Bates arrive at Morning Pointe of Powell, dozens of residents come to hear them sing. “I have zero confidence that we will sound anything close to harmonious to the ears, but it isn’t all about being the best at something,” says Zach. “Sometimes, it’s just good to go and give of yourself to some other people.” Bradley and Carson join in and perform “Jingle Bells” for the crowd.

Mid-Season Finale Tonight

Just wanted to give you a little reminder that today is Thursday, which means it's the mid-season finale of Bringing Up Bates. The show will be one hour long, though, so that's good news. Below is a video preview and some photos.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Diaper Stacking

Carlin Stewart with Kelly Bates and mother-in-law Denese Stewart
A full hour of Bringing Up Bates is in your future! We know you're sad that this week is the mid-season finale, but the network does have plans for the show to return, and it won't be too long. You can look forward to a lot of excitement this Thursday evening (TV listings and preview video below).

Join the Stewarts and Bates for a baby shower in honor of Carlin and Evan; go out on a Christmas-themed double date with Zach, Whitney, Trace, and Chaney; sing Christmas carols with the Bates at an assisted living home; and meet newborn Holland Paine.

Thursday, May 28
6:30am: Save the Date and Decisions to Make
8:30pm: Holiday Cheer and New Baby Khloe is Here
9pm: Holiday Traditions and Baby Additions NEW!
10:30pm: A Monumental Proposal
11pm: Ultrasounds, Wedding Vows, and a Bride-to-Be

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv

Monday, May 25, 2020

Stewarts Celebrate 1 Year

Has it already been one year since Carlin and Evan Stewarts' fairy tale wedding? Happy first anniversary to these two!

Carlin Stewart and Evan Stewart
Carlin Stewart and Evan Stewart

Photo courtesy of @carlinbates98