Monday, August 13, 2018

Daddy and Daughters

What a cute photo of John and his girls! The Websters love putting their daughters in matching clothes.

 Lexi Webster, John Webster, Zoey Webster, Allie Webster

Photo courtesy of Alyssa and John Webster

Court Like a Bates

Josie Bates and Kelton Balka
Josie Bates and Kelton Balka

This week on Bringing Up Bates, hear the Bates family discuss courtship. We think you'll find this video preview to be fresh and entertaining..and perhaps a bit awkward.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Friday, August 10, 2018

An October Bates Bride

Another Bates wedding is in the works! And in true Bates fashion, the engagement will be only a few months long. Josie Bates and Kelton Balka are planning an October wedding, so Josie will be an autumn bride.

Photo courtesy of Josie Bates/

Bates Fan File 729

Another week, another beautiful Bates baby born (try saying that five times fast)! Did you enjoy watching Everly Paine's debut? It sure was a dramatic but emotional delivery. For more on the episode, check out my Fan File segment below.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Thursday, August 9, 2018

'Labor Paines' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Labor Paines"

  • “My last week of pregnancy, I’m always so uncomfortable,” admits Erin. “I’m anxious, I’m worried about how the birth experience is going to be.”
  • Erin hits up a local nail salon with Tori, Carlin, Katie, and Whitney to relax before labor and delivery. “Every time I look down at this big thing in my belly and realize that it’s got to come out, it’s disturbing,” laughs the expectant mama.
  • Chad stops by the nail salon after work. He enjoys learning all about the process, and he loves the comfy chairs.
  • Kelly and Erin take the kids for a walk at Norris Dam, hoping that it will jump start labor. Kelly is looking forward to welcoming another grandbaby.
  • At 9:05pm, Erin is having strong contractions and is really nervous. Carlin comes over to the Paine house to start filming. “I’m really excited to be a part of all of it,” says Carlin. They leave for the hospital, which is 30 minutes away, around 9:45.
  • During the drive, labor starts to pick up. “And when Erin goes to the kneeling position, I’m like, ‘Oh boy, we are in trouble,’” says Chad.
  • Erin tries to convince her husband to run a red light, but Chad says there are too many cars around. But when he speeds up on the highway, she tells him to slow down. Go figure. When they finally arrive at the hospital and get a room, Erin is relieved.
  • Gil, Kelly, Michael, and Katie arrive. No one can get in touch with Tori, who had really wanted to be at the birth. Katie has even tried pounding on her front door, but to no avail.
  • At 3:37am, Gil looks at the monitor and realizes that it could be time to push. The nurses come rushing in, but Dr. Vic has stepped away. The doctor arrives just in time, and Everly appears. “There’s really no words to describe what it’s like to see your baby,” says Chad. Everyone is crying tears of joy. Gil comes back in and joins the celebration. Katie is on the couch sleeping during the entire birth.
  • “This has been the most adventure-filled, blessing-filled, 96 hours, probably of our life,” says Gil. “To have two new granddaughters, two healthy moms, and now looking forward to what the Lord’s going to do next.”
  • Later, Carson and Brooklyn arrive, and they are elated to meet Everly. Brooklyn calls her a baby doll. The rest of the Bates clan visits the hospital to hold and kiss the new arrival.
  • “Awe, this makes me want to have another baby,” Erin says during the interview. The look on Chad’s face says no. “Okay, we’re done interviewing,” he says and jokingly starts to stand up.