Saturday, May 25, 2019

Bates/Stewart Wedding Attended by 500

Gil Bates and Carlin Bates at the rehearsal

Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart's picture-perfect wedding at Castleton Farms in Loudon, Tennessee, is now over, and they are officially husband and wife! It was sweltering hot, but the event was attended by approximately 500 guests. Us Weekly made the exclusive announcement, although no pictures have been released.

The Foto Sisters (do you remember the giveaway we just ran on our Duggar blog?) provided music. The processional songs were "Be Thou My Vision," "Canon in D," and "Lavenders Blue." During the ceremony, Carlin and Evan sang a duet, and they exited to a song with a title that describes how the bride and groom desire to live their life ("We Will Serve the Lord").

Photo courtesy of Carlin Stewart

Friday, May 24, 2019

Carlin's Rehearsal

The 7th Bates wedding day is almost here! In less than 24 hours, Carlin Bates will be Mrs. Evan Stewart. Family and close friends gathered at the venue earlier today for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. After the festivities, there was decorating and music practicing to be done. The ceremony will take place outside, and the reception will be outside, as well, although there will be a covered area. The Knoxville weather was about 91 and sunny today, and tomorrow will be the same.

Carlin Bates, Evan Stewart, Kelton Balka, Josie Balka
Carlin Bates, Evan Stewart, Kelton Balka, Josie Balka

Ellie Bates, Tori Smith, Whitney Bates, Erin Paine,
Carlin Bates, Kelly Bates, Michael Keilen, Addallee Bates

Silly ring bearers

Photo courtesy of Kelton and Josie Balka, Carlin Bates

Websters Celebrate 5 Years

Wishing Alyssa and John Webster a blessed five-year wedding anniversary celebration! In honor of their anniversary, the couple is currently in Knoxville for Carlin's wedding...without their kiddos. Today is also the 55th wedding anniversary of Papa Bill and Mama Jane (Gil's parents).

Alyssa and John Webster
Alyssa and John Webster

John and Alyssa Webster
John and Alyssa (Bates) Webster (pregnant with Allie)

John Webster, Alyssa Webster, Allie Jane Webster
John Webster, Alyssa Webster, Allie Jane Webster

John Webster, Alyssa Webster, Allie Webster, Lexi Mae Webster
John Webster, Alyssa Webster, Allie Webster, Lexi Mae Webster

Alyssa Webster, John Webster, Zoey Joy Webster, Allie Webster, Lexi Webster
Alyssa Webster, John Webster, Zoey Joy Webster, Allie Webster, Lexi Webster

Alyssa and John Webster

Photos courtesy of John and Alyssa Webster

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Bates/Stewart Wedding in 3 Days

Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart
Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart
August 2018 (just weeks before their engagement)

Bates wedding #7 is just three days away! Carlin Bates (soon to be Carlin Stewart) and Evan Stewart have waited eight months for their big day, and it's almost here. The two will become husband and wife this Saturday. If you haven't seen their wedding party list, you can look back at our April 3rd post. Carlin will have her two business partners, Erin Paine and Whitney Bates, as her matrons of honor, while Evan's best man will be his brother, Ethan Stewart.

Carlin just graduated from college and has been very busy working for Bates Sisters Boutique and painting the house that she and Evan will live in (stay tuned for house pictures).

Photo courtesy of Carlin Bates

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Bobby's Future in Ministry

Since we shared the news that Bobby Smith is now working with Kelton Balka in Kelton's uncle's plumbing business, readers have asked if Bobby plans to continue in ministry, as his degree from Pensacola Christian College was in Bible and youth ministry, and he worked at a church near Nashville before he and Tori returned to East Tennessee this spring. In response to fans' questions, here is a direct quote from Kelly Bates:

It’s ironic how similar their [Tori and Bobby's] paths are to the one God led Gil and I on. Gil started as a youth pastor when we first got married. After the first year and a half or so, he resigned and worked a secular job for quite sometime. He never stopped being highly involved in church ministry all the while, but God really used that time to prepare us and grow us. Now Gil is a full time pastor (doing tree work on the side to provide for the family). God grew us a lot during the whole transitioning, but ministry was always part of Gil’s whole life, no matter if he was selling Nabisco cookies or working on a tree. I think he preached more sermons in those settings than he does now lol! So I’m sure God will use this time to prepare Bobby for whatever his future holds.

Kelly also said the following:

Gil has always felt that it is wise for someone in the minstry to also have a skill they can use as well. Some small country churches have really small budgets, so having a skill enables pastors and missionaries to be self-supporting.

Photo courtesy of