Thursday, September 15, 2016

Recap: 'You Can't Spell Paintball Without PAIN'

Bringing Up Bates "You Can't Spell Paintball Without PAIN"
  • For the Bates boys, joining Dad and the older guys on a tree job is a big milestone. As Jackson heads to work with Gil and Nathan for the first time, Gil surprises his 14-year-old son with a new pair of work boots. 
  • Before allowing Jackson to participate in any tree jobs, Kelly makes it clear that he first must have his schoolwork and chores completed for that day.  "I want them to learn diligence," says the mom of 19.
  • It's difficult for Kelly to watch the boys start to work in the family business. "Sometimes I do wish it wasn't such a dangerous job." she shares. "Gil's seeing them as 14; they're a man. I'm seeing them as...14; they're still my baby."
  • "Looking back, my dad took time to teach me different things, so we're trying to continue that," says Gil. "I tell them, 'We want you to learn every skill you possibly can before you leave the home...'"
  • While they are cutting down trees, Gil, Nathan, and Jackson find three baby bunnies.
  • "I know some people say that it's not good to handle bunny rabbits because their mother may reject them, and that's not always the case," explains Nathan. "But, our options are, either leave these little things under the tree or to set them aside and keep them out of harm's way. I don't know a whole lot about bunny rabbits, but I know it's not good for trees to fall on them."
  • "I'm proud of Jackson," says Gil, nearly tearing up. "He's so much like Zach. I can look back and see Zach in that little fellow."
  • Gil, Kelly, and Callie visit the Paines' house to hear the piano parts of the songs that Erin is planning to record on her upcoming lullaby CD. More on that soon.
  • To celebrate his 14th birthday, Jackson plays paintball with Gil, a few of his older brothers, and a few friends. "Well guys, I think it's time to put the 'pain' in paintball," announces Gil. "I hope y'all are all the recipients, and I hope I'm the dealer for this situation."
  • "In the Bates family, we try to choose games that are competitive, competitive, and painful," jokes Zach. 
  • "Getting older is a great thing and a scary thing," states Jackson at the end of the episode. "You get more privileges...but you also get older, which stinks because you get a lot of responsibilities."

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  1. Lilly and Ellie, what is the status with Nathan and Ashley if there is one? Why is that girl who helps out Kelly in every episode? Does she live with them? There has been no mention of Ashley since the grad party. Also didn't Alyssa post a while back that Meema's husband passed away? Why is there no mention of that?


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