Thursday, March 28, 2024

New TN Residents

Katie and Travis Clark have officially arrived in East stay! The couple announced just last month that they would be leaving New Jersey. Moving day has come and gone, and they are now settled into their new apartment. Katie will be close to her family, and Hailey Clark will have plenty of cousins to play with.

Katie and Travis shared a YouTube video that shows footage of them packing up their belongings and enjoying their last moments in New Jersey. They still own their house and are renting it out. Katie has lived in New Jersey since she and Travis got married in December 2021.

Friday, March 22, 2024

Bates Couple Announces No. 2

Get ready! There's another wave of Bates babies coming soon. Tori and Bobby Smith announced last October that they were expecting their fifth baby, followed by Lawson and Tiffany Bates' announcement of their rainbow baby on the way earlier this month. And now, Nathan and Esther Bates have jumped on board. They just shared that little Kenna will be gaining her first sibling this fall.

Gil and Kelly Bates gained five grandchildren in 2023 (Hailey Clark, Rhett Webster, Lily Bates, Ryker Bates, and William Paine). Considering that one baby (Miles Balka) has already arrived in 2024, do you think this will be an even bigger year for Bates babies?

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Alyssa's Trip to SC...and John at Home

 "Sunday--the day we need Alyssa the most. I do not know how to get these kids ready."

-John Webster

While Alyssa Webster and Rhett Webster took a recent trip to South Carolina to visit Alyssa's grandparents, John Webster held down the fort at home. Each of them documented the time and combined the footage to create a YouTube video. How do you think it went? After you watch the video, come back here and post a comment.

Video: Making Memories I'll Always Cherish

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Another Bates Baby

In December, we posted the heartbreaking news of Lawson and Tiffany Bates' miscarriage. Before Christmas, they actually found out that they were expecting again, and they just made that announcement public. 

In their latest YouTube video, they show Tiffany telling Lawson. They also show the moment when they share the news with Kelly Bates over FaceTime and then ask her to make them an appointment with Dr. Vick, the Bates family's trusted OBGYN. Lawson writes a sweet letter to the baby, as well. He or she is due to arrive in early summer 2024.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Why are the Clarks Moving?

Have you heard Katie and Travis Clark's big news? They are moving to East Tennessee! We posted the announcement last month. Many have guessed that they are leaving New Jersey because Katie is homesick for her family, but that's actually not the reason. Travis wants to be more dedicated to his music career, and in order to spend more time in Nashville, it makes sense to live in Tennessee. 

Katie and Travis still want to be close to family, though, so they are renting a two bedroom apartment in the Knoxville area, with the idea that Travis will commute to Music City. You can hear more about the couple's plans in their latest YouTube video.

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Sewing 11 Prairie Dresses

"My mom pours her heart into I Love You Day, and I feel like my siblings do, too. My mom starts planning months in advance."

-Michael Kielen

After seeing all the beautiful costumes that the Bates wore for their Little House on the Prairie themed I Love You Day celebration, many of you have wondered who made them. If you guessed that Michael played a big role, you're correct, but the work was far from drudgery for her. 

In their latest YouTube video, Michael and Brandon Keilen discuss their preparation for the Valentine's Day party. Michael, who loves sewing, says it was "like a dream come true" to have an opportunity to design and create 11 dresses. While she made the outfits, Brandon built a wagon to give the kids rides during the party. 

Still, the Keilens insist that matriarch Kelly Bates is the real MVP when it comes to preparing for I Love You Day. "I am truly amazed at how my mom does this over and over and over again because she thinks of every single person," says Michael.