Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Snapshots: Bates Hit the Buffet

On last week's episode of Bringing Up Bates, "Bates Dish It Out," Gil and Kelly Bates treat the kids to a meal at a local buffet. For some people, an outing at an all-you-can-eat restaurant isn't anything special, but for the Bates, it's something they've been looking forward to for quite some time.

Unlike the rest of the family, Tori eats a rather small lunch. Did you catch Carlin's comment about Tori's meal?

Carlin Bates: “You know what Tori did? Tori felt great afterwards ‘cause she walks in the buffet and what does she get at a buffet? A SALAD! So then, she started eating her big salad, so then I felt bad, so I had to get me a salad. So I ate that plus everything else, and so then I really felt bad.” 

Photos courtesy of UP


  1. Who is the blonde woman in the first photo?

    1. Ellie explained it multiple times. It's a friend of the Bates called Courtney, who helps around the house.

  2. who is the young lady next to Tori in the 1st picture? she is also seen in the group photo of Allie's 1st birthday party and sometimes spotted during the filming of bringing up Bates...is it Whitney's sister?
    thanks Katie M.

  3. Why is that girl ALWAYS around??

  4. I have wondered about her also - "she" is in many shows/at many gatherings, camping etc.
    It would be nice if they introduced her.
    Sylvia in NW NJ

  5. Her name is Courtney Green. I think in the past she was some glorified nanny for the Bates family. She is an only daughter in her family and probably loves feeling like she has so many "adopted" sisters. She now atrends Crown College with Carlin Tori and Josie. Wonder if the Bateses are footing her bill too?


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