Friday, April 16, 2021

Bates Take on the Rail Runner

Kelly Bates

"This girl knows slow. She is not for fast."

-Gil Bates

What did you think of last night's new episode of Bringing Up Bates? How about a fun web exclusive video that wasn't included in the show? 

While they are at Anakeesta in Gatlinburg, the Bates also ride the Rail Runner. Most of you probably know that Kelly is scared of heights and speed, so this isn't her activity of choice, but she ventures on it with her kids (video below). Would you ride the Rail Runner?

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv

Thursday, April 15, 2021

'Smitten in the Smokies' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Smitten in the Smokies"

  • Travis arrives in Tennessee to celebrate Katie’s birthday. “Katie loves to remind me that she’s five months older than me,” says Travis, smiling. “She loves to say I love older women…” When he arrives, he surprises Katie with a new dress and plans for a dinner date.
  • “The problem is, we’re running out of chaperones,” laughs Kelly. Katie and Travis end up choosing Addallee and Ellie.
  • Whitney and Carlin pick up the key for their storefront in Rocky Top. With help from Zach and Chad, they make plans for the space. “Honestly, the thought of a storefront baffles me,” says Carlin. “Like, no way we’re already here.” The ladies are concerned that they will grow out of this space as quickly as they grew out of the warehouse in Zach and Whitney’s backyard.
  • Later, Gil, Kelly, Lawson, Katie, and Travis take the younger kids to Gatlinburg. They ride a bus up to the ziplines at Anakeesta. Unfortunately, Judson, Jeb, and Callie don’t quite meet the 70-pound weight requirement.
  • While the rest of the group enjoys the ziplines, Kelly, Katie, and Travis take Judson, Jeb and Callie gem-mining. “Is there one that has like a ring in it?” Katie asks the employee. “I think Trav wants that one.”
  • “We all thought there was going to be a ring in Katie or Travis’,” says Callie. She and Jeb agree that that would be the perfect proposal plan. Travis says he has a year and a half left of school, but Katie hints that he might propose sooner.
  • “For me, when I’m thinking about Katie and Travis, the word engagement is something I’m just trying to pretend is way down the road, so we’ll have to see,” says Gil. “We just pray it’s a long time down the road. Let’s just say, nobody’s talked to me about it yet.”

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Ziplining with the Bates

Addallee Bates: Anything is funner when it's a competition, but it's not that fun to race against your brothers because you always pretty much lose."

Callie Bates: "It's about weight!"

Gil Bates: "Oh, no no, no. It's not just about being fatter. You have to make yourself aerodynamic."

The Bates are going on another adventure through the treetops, this time in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. (Do you remember the family's visit to the high ropes course in Virginia 2017, Michael and Brandon Keilen's ziplining honeymoon, and the high ropes ladies' trip in 2019?) The younger girls are convinced that they have a disadvantage because of weight, but Gil is quick to share his opinion on the matter (video below).

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv

A Pool for the Websters

Zoey Webster, Alyssa Webster, Maci Webster, Allie Webster, Lexi Webster

Alyssa and John Webster just moved into a new house, after working tirelessly to fixed it up themselves, with help from some of the Bates. After renting a three-bedroom, single-story home for the first seven years of their marriage, the family of six now has tons of room to spread out. 

They have two bedrooms for the girls, a separate school room, a guest room, and even a pool. If you've ever been to the Orlando, Florida, area in summer, you know that this pool is going to bring the Websters great relief amidst the heat. Alyssa also uploaded a house tour video to YouTube. They are still unpacking and adding finishing touches, but it's looking great.

Photo courtesy of @websterforever

Monday, April 12, 2021

Celebrating Katie

Addee Bates, Ellie Bates, Katie Bates, Travis Clark

It’s the second week of Bringing Up Bates season 10, which means that this Thursday, you’ll be treated to another new episode. The summary and a promo video are below.

Bringing Up Bates: Smitten in the Smokies
Katie is Turing 20 and celebrating her special day with her boyfriend, Travis. But how is the young couple navigating their relationship in the age of COVID? Meanwhile, the Bates Sisters Boutique decides to purchase a storefront and makes plans to renovate the space. Later, Katie, Travis, Gil, Kelly, Lawson, Isaiah, and some of the younger kids head to the Smoky Mountains for some outdoor birthday fun, but will a gem mining adventure reveal a surprise proposal?

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv

Thursday, April 8, 2021

'He or She, What will the Baby Be?' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "He or She, What will the Baby Be?"

  • “We’re trying to have the right spirit and the right attitude about the good things and the bad things and realizing God’s working them all for something good, even if we can’t see it,” says Gil
  • Since Erin, Whitney, and Carlin started the Bates Sisters Boutique one year ago, the business has grown. They need more space and are considering opening a storefront.
  • Several of the Bates contracted COVID-19, but Erin has struggled the most with it. Her recovery has been long, and she is dealing with frequent headache, fatigue, nausea, and sore throat. Tammy Paine, Chad’s mom, is visiting for a few weeks to help out. “With Erin being down, I feel like half of me is gone to some extent,” says Chad. “It blows me away how strong she is through it…”
  • At this point, they aren’t sure if Erin is dealing with complications from COVID, or possibly Lyme Disease.
  • Josie and Kelton are finishing up the final touches on their home renovations. After trying for a few months to get pregnant, Josie suffered a miscarriage. “Our world turned completely upside down,” says Josie. “I just remember feeling so many emotions.” Josie says the doctor doesn’t think that her miscarriage was caused by the same condition that some of her sisters have, but she is going to do blood work to investigate.
  • Josie’s business, Effortless Beauty, is more than one year old. She and her business partner, Grace Rochat, do hair and makeup for weddings and events, and now Katie is joining the team. Josie and Katie are taking an advanced makeup course online.
  • Katie says it hasn’t yet been determined if she will move to New Jersey when she and Travis get married.  “If it was up to me, I’d be getting engaged tomorrow, but we’re taking our time, and it’s going to happen when it needs to,” she says. “I mean, our timeline isn’t too far out.” She tells Josie and Grace that she can work in the business for at least a year.
  • Zach has been working with the sheriff’s department for 10 years and is logging 50-60 hours a week. He is planning to leave law enforcement and return to Bates Tree Service. Years ago, Gil made a similar decision when he left his position as an employee at a sales company and started the tree business.
  • In Florida, Alyssa tells John that she is pregnant with their fourth child. Later, they do a live-stream gender reveal. Some friends help the Websters pull it off. One of the friends calls Gil right before to tell him what the gender is so he can shoot off a powder cannon in Tennessee when the gender is announced in Florida. “He’s loving rubbing this in!” says Kelly.
  • Kelly goes on a walk with Michael to catch up on life. Michael is waiting to take her nursing state boards. Kelly also talks about the medical issues she is dealing with. She has GERD, which has turned into Barrett’s Esophagus. Kelly was terrified when she was told that she has pre-cancerous cells. Her medicine is not working, and she is going to have surgery.
  • Lawson is at Los Angeles International Airport picking up Esther Faith, a little girl from the Philippines who needs a life-saving heart surgery that is not available to her in her country. “This really took so much effort to pull this off,” says Nathan. “It took at least 10 doctors working constantly, nurses traveling back and forth to the Philippines to care for Esther. So many political individuals making phone calls to the embassy, providing recommendations.”
  • Lawson and Nathan accompany Esther to Orlando, where she has the surgery. It goes very well. This will be the only surgery that Esther will need. She will soon return to the Philippines, where she will be able to live a normal life without restrictions.

The Future Mrs. Clark

Travis Clark and Katie Bates

Congratulations to Katie and Travis! As we announced a few hours ago, the couple is engaged. Travis proposed yesterday in a gazebo overlooking the beach in Key West Florida. He organized the trip to surprise Katie, and both sets of parents accompanied them. More details and photos can be found on the People Magazine website.

Photo courtesy of @kgbates2000

Katie Is Engaged!

Love is definitely in the air at the Bates home. With multiple of Gil and Kelly’s children in relationships, the family will surely be seeing some weddings in the near future. Perhaps the very near future. One of the courting couples just announced their engagement! Congratulations to Travis Clark and Katie Bates! The link to the story on Us Weekly is below. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Season Premiere Sneak Peek

Kelly Bates and Michael Keilen

Season 10 of Bringing Up Bates premieres tomorrow! Are you looking forward for the Bates' return to reality TV? A few days ago, we posted a video that shows the first moments of tomorrow's episode. Entertainment Tonight also shared a sneak peek video, featuring a conversation that Kelly Bates had with oldest daughter Michael Keilen about her nursing school progress. After the show, we will post a written recap.

Photo courtesy of UPtv

Friday, April 2, 2021

Interview with Tiffany

Tiffany Espensen and Lawson Bates

Many of you know that Lawson's girlfriend, Tiffany Espensen (22), is a Hollywood actress. While pursuing her acting career, she graduated with a bachelor degree in political science from Liberty University. She opted to take classes online for flexibility. Liberty recently interviewed Tiffany about her experiences, so we thought we would share the article so you can get to know Lawson's special lady a little bit better (link below).

Liberty University Interview with Tiffany Espensen

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Thursday, April 1, 2021

New Episode Summary and Countdown

The Webster family

Just one week to go until the premiere of Bringing Up Bates season 10! As the UPtv network has done for past seasons, they created a countdown clip to show the first moments of the first episode. Nineteen seconds will be added each day, so be sure to keep coming back. That video is below, as is the written summary for the first episode, which airs Thursday, April 8th, at 9pm ET/8pm CT.

April 8, 9pm ET: He or She, What will the Baby Be?

A new year brings a renewed sense of hope and vitality for the Bates family! The Bates Sisters Boutique reveal their plans to move into a storefront space. Meanwhile, Josie’s beauty business is thriving, but she and Kelton are dealing with heartbreak after suffering a miscarriage, hopeful she will get pregnant again. Now that Michaella is almost a nurse, Kelly Jo leans on her daughter for advice about her health complications. Later, Alyssa and John, thrilled to be expecting their fourth child, get creative with a socially distant gender reveal party! Will baby #4 finally be a boy?

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv