Sunday, July 23, 2023

Nails By Chad and Carson

What do you do when you have four daughters? You learn how to pamper them and make them feel loved. Chad set up an at-home salon for his girls, and sweet little Carson was eager to help. The video footage from this special day is sure to make you say, "aww!" 

Video: Chad Paine's Day Spa

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Another 4th at the Farm

Throwback: 4th of July 2017 at the farm

Spending 4th of July at Gil's family farm in South Carolina is a Bates family tradition. Even though many of the kids are busy with their own children and their adult lives, they still try to go back to the farm on the 4th. We have posted about the trip year after year because of how much coverage it has gotten from the Bates family and their show. A couple of the kids posted videos showing this year's festivities (links below).

4th of July Video By Carlin and Evan Stewart

4th of July Video By Trace and Lydia Bates

Photo courtesy @thebatesfam

Monday, July 3, 2023

Assumptions about the Websters

This is an interesting watch, if you have a few minutes. Alyssa and John Webster respond to some of the assumptions that fans have about them and the way they live (video link below). Would they have 10 kids if morning sickness wasn't an issue? Do they argue in front of their kids? Do they make their three older daughters look after Maci? The Websters address those assumptions and more. If you enjoy the clip, Katie and Travis Clark filmed a similar video about assumptions last fall.

Video: Assumptions about Alyssa and John Webster