Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Baby Boy Webster Update

Alyssa Webster is about 31 weeks pregnant with her fifth child (her first boy!). You can see footage from a recent ultrasound appointment in Alyssa and John's most recent YouTube video. The second half of the video shows a sporting event in Tampa that the Websters attended with Gil and Kelly Bates and other members of the Bates family.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Paines Settle into Florida Life

Erin and Chad Paine and their five kids are settling into the new home that God has blessed them with in Florida. It is larger than the house they rented in Tennessee, and it has plenty of land for their animals. As you can imagine, leaving their family and friends behind was difficult, but they say they are excited for this new chapter. The Paines posted two videos, in which you can see their emotional last days in their old home, as well as a tour of their new home.

Goodbye Tennessee

Moving Update and House Tour

Photo courtesy of chadanderin.com