Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Horseback Riding with Nathan Bates

 Nathan Bates and Jason's daughter, Emilie

Over the weekend, Jason, an UP TV team member, visited the Bates family with his wife and daughter. Nathan Bates invited the three of them to go horseback riding, and they graciously accepted his offer. Here is a short video filmed by Jason:

Jason and his family also attended the Bates' church. Here are a couple snapshots of Judson Bates, Jeb Bates, Emilie, and two friends named Dawson and Caden.

Photos/video courtesy UP/Jason S., the Bates family


  1. Such a wonderful weekend! Such a gracious offer by Nathan and he was such a wonderful host! It started pouring rain when we first got to the barn. Despite being soaked from head to toe, Nathan said he still wanted to do this with us -- and was apologetic about the weather. :)

    He's very knowledgeable about the different breeds and was an AMAZING teacher. I'd ridden horses before and it was a nightmare then... but this was FUN!

    Thank you, Nathan, for an amazing time... and thanks, Ellie, for sharing these!

  2. I still want to do that horseback ride with you and whoever else will go along!


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