Thursday, July 21, 2016

Recap: "Bloopers, Outtakes, and Mishaps, Oh My!"

Bringing Up Bates "Bloopers, Outtakes, and Mishaps, Oh My!"

  • The Bates admit that they are a very loud family, but they don’t always notice it because they are so accustomed to the noise. “...It sounds like a zoo,” says Erin. “It really does.”
  • “My family’s house is very loud and very crazy all the time,” shares Alyssa.
  • The Bates really enjoy teasing each other. Lawson is often the target. “If you want to tease somebody, it’s usually Lawson,” says Kelly. According to Gil, Lawson is the best talker in the family.
  • But even though they like to give each other a hard time, the Bates' teasing is always done in fun.
  • The family enjoys laughing together and making memories. They all agree that laughter is contagious. “When Callie starts laughing, she can’t stop,” says Katie.  
  • Who laughs the loudest? Definitely Tori. “The neighbors know what she sounds like when she laughs!” remarks Gil.
  • During UP interviews, the Bates kids don't always understand the question, which makes for an even funnier response. Take this one, for example: 
    • Interviewer: “Is oral hygiene important with your family?”
    • Jackson Bates: “What hygiene?”
    • Interviewer: “Oral hygiene”
    • Jackson Bates: “Nobody here wear high jeans. They all wear ‘em low.”
  • What are the Bates' top three favorite words/phrases? “Epic,” “Awkward,” and “oh my stars."


  1. I laughed so hard when Jackson misheard and made the jeans comment.

  2. Just wanted to say I really love the new colors you picked for the website!

  3. Really? I thought he was kidding with the high jeans thing. But if he was serious then that is hilarious!

  4. Callie's laugh coupled with her dimples is absolutely contagious. She's adorable!

  5. I was kind of disappointed in this episode - mostly a mishmash of things we've already seen (including the "high jeans" comment, which was funny, but I'd seen it half a dozen times in commercials and previews already).

  6. I say oh my stars too!


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