Thursday, July 21, 2016

34 Weeks!

July is almost over, which means that Erin Paine's August 30th due date is quickly approaching. Due to her blood clotting disorder, Erin will be induced early. Stay tuned for more updates .

Chad surprised Erin with a "baby moon" getaway to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their daughter, Brooklyn Elise Paine. Erin and Chad also had photos taken by photographer Taryn Yager, who welcomed her third child, Mac Bradley Yager, yesterday morning.

 Chad and Erin Paine
34 weeks pregnant with Brooklyn Paine, July 2016 

For comparison, here are a few snapshots of Erin during the middle of the third trimester of her last pregnancy...

Erin and Chad Paine
31 weeks pregnant with Carson Paine, Easter 2015

Photos courtesy of, Erin and Chad Paine


  1. She looks fantastic! I hope everything goes well. When is she going to be induced?

  2. i just can't wait to see pictures of her. if we win like how much she weights that contest what do we get just wandering please let me know thank you lily and ellie for all your work love you bates hope your rest of the week is great waiting for your baby girl im praying love you erin please let her know i said that thank you love you guys tell the bates i said hi and give them all hugs your fan from san antonio tx

  3. She looks much more peaceful and relaxed. Hope all is going well

  4. please post pictures of Mac Bradley!!!

  5. Congratulations to them on their upcoming blessing. Erin and Chad look so happy and I'm happy for them.

  6. Wow...that photo doesn't even look real. Maybe that's why they use Taryn? Her photos all looked photoshopped within an inch of it's life. Definitely doesn't portray reality, but it is a nice keepsake.

    1. Could you be any more rude? That's what professional photographers do. They edit out zits and discoloration and imperfections and make the pictures perfect.

    2. I don't really see what is wrong with the photo. That is why you pay a professional photographer like Taryn. She has the gift to make you look your best!

  7. That's an evil comment.

  8. Wow I am so happy for you guys!!!! Just hold on cause once you know it you will have 2 baby's instead of one. Love, Helen

  9. So excited for them!!


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