Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Carlin: '[Chad] is SO not blood related...'

Gil Bates: "Should I keep my overalls?"
Kelly Bates: "No, you shouldn't."

Coming up on Thursday's episode of Bringing Up Bates...

Kelly leads the family in a serious round of spring cleaning. Let's just say that some of the Bates--Gil included--have a more difficult time de-cluttering than others. Erin and Chad also share more about Chad's job at a local scrap metal yard and the furniture business they are hoping to start.

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. Chad's work ethic really is impressive! Erin is a lucky lady :)

  2. That's my husband...
    He doesn't stop working even when he's supposed to be at home relaxing

  3. Carlin, that was a hilarious statement !

  4. I totally agree with Kelly. Nobody over the age of 2 should wear overalls. They are such a dorky article of clothing.

  5. I cannot even imagine decluttering and keeping up with a household that large! I have three kids in a small house and I'm getting buried over here! I wish I could watch for tips and tricks. I don't think I get UP though! :(

  6. That's an odd statement. Of course Chad is not blood related as he is Erin's husband.

    1. I think they were joking about the fact that he's such a dedicated worker, and the family has said stuff in the past that they don't necessarily like to work as hard on things.

    2. They do joke A LOT about not being hard workers. It's really not to funny anymore...comes across as lazy. They appear to be a nice family though. I guess the scrutiny just comes with the fame.


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