Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gil: 'Bates have bad habits'

Alyssa (Bates) Webster: "I think the family's idea of helping out is you make one thing and you eat two."
Gil Bates: "Bates have bad habits."
Kelly Bates: "It comes from his side."
Gil Bates: "I don't really know where it comes from..."

Bringing Up Bates "Birthdays and Boyfriends" premieres tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT on UP (sneak peek video below).

Thursday, July 28
8pm: The Great Bates Clean-Up
8:30pm: Bloopers, Outtakes, and Mishaps, Oh My!
9pm: Birthdays and Boyfriends (NEW)
The Bates are back in Florida and are ready to party! It's the Bates girls' turn to celebrate, as Allie Jane and Carlin share a big birthday. The family prepares for the birthday bash but quickly realize it's a lot harder to plan a party for both a 1-year-old and an 18-year-old than they originally thought. Later, Kelly Jo and Gil take advantage of their time in Florida by meeting Tori's boyfriend's family.

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. Are you serious? They made them share a party? I sincerely hope Carlin got some extra celebration back home since a first birthday is going to overshadow the other one. Poor girl can't get her own party for anything.

  2. Poor Alyssa, it drives me nuts when people sample my cooking while I am still making the dish.

    Unrelated, her kitchen is super cute, and I love the monogrammed shirts Carlin and Tori were wearing in the talking head!

  3. I have not criticized the Bates family ever...however, in tonight's episode I thought some of the kids were inconsiderate of Alyssa by continuing to sneak the strawberries after she asked them not to eat them until the party. She had put in a lot of effort to have a beautiful presentation and they kept messing it up. Even though the older kids should have abided by her wishes, they too continued eating. I know Alyssa is accustomed to the large number of people, but a couple of times she looked overwhelmed.

    1. I agree. Big "elegant" parties aren't my thing but it is every mother's prerogative to throw whatever kind of party she wants for her kids and I think the adult kids should have been respectful of their sister and her home. There is being funny and there is being rude. I thought they crossed the line into rude in this episode. But...they are human and still young and it takes a while to see your siblings as more than just a brother or sister so hopefully this will be seen as a lesson in respect. If not, turnabout is fair play. I learned this the hard way when I thought it would be funny to give my young niece a 200 piece art set a few years ago. Now I spend a good chunk of my days picking hundreds of hello kitty stickers out of the carpet and off the walls. Well played sis, well played.

    2. Also to be considered is the Webster family was also attending the party. I'm sure Alyssa wanted to show her in-laws that she be sure her in-laws also had a good time and there would be plenty to eat. She very generously included Bobby's family also which probably created a certain level of stress for her that wouldn't have ordinarily been present if it was just her immediate family in attendance. Gil and Kelly should have intervened when they saw the kids ignoring Alyssa requests.

    3. I felt frustrated for Alyssa and upset that the older kids weren't helping, but hindering. It wasn't funny to me. I don't think Alyssa thought it was funny either. There is a difference between joking as siblings who love each other and being rude.

  4. After the Bates read these comments, I am sure the family will be working on the dos and donts of going to family parties. I honestly think they did a good job of keeping the little ones as busy and out of the way as they could. The older ones will need to be more considerate of not eating the food before the party even begins. Also when you have that many kids, the invitations must be


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