Monday, July 25, 2016

Lawson Bates' Fall Tour

Those who have been watching season four of Bringing Up Bates have seen Lawson Bates take steps to further his music career. He has sought counsel from Nashville producers and agents, co-written songs with a handful of established musicians, and filmed a number of YouTube videos (embedded below).

The up-and-coming country artist is in the process of planning a fall tour and will announce the dates and locations very soon. He did mention that he hopes to make Orlando one of the tour stops. Stay tuned for more details!

"Will the Circle Be Unbroken" 
(with Zach Bates, Tori Bates, and Nacona Allan)

"Flag Waving Patriot"

"Because He Lives" 
(with Carlin Bates)
Photo/videos courtesy of, the Bates family

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  1. Love your show and your family. I've been concerned about Erin being pregnant in this Tennessee summer heat wave. We live in middle Tennessee and we have had several 100 degree days already this summer. Would love to meet you all.


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