Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Season 3 Available on Amazon

You will be thrilled to know that season three of Bringing Up Bates is now available for purchase on Amazon Instant Video.

The 13-episode season features Michael and Brandon's wedding and honeymoon, the Bates' family trip to Florida, Zach's graduation from the police academy, Bradley's first birthday, Nathan's visit to New York City, and much more.

Seasons one, two, and three have also been uploaded to UP Faith and Family, a service similar to Netflix that features movies and TV shows appropriate for all ages.

Zach and Whitney Bates announce their pregnancy with Kaci Bates

Photos courtesy of UP


  1. thats so sweet and now they have kaci lynn in the world with them yay

  2. thats so sweet well now they have kaci lynn in this world i love the bates

  3. What about Canadians? I still can't access to it. Please find a way for Canadians so we can watch it too please!

  4. May we see a few new pics posted at the top banner please? Updated ones of Bradley and Carson and also an added one of little Kaci! Thank you so much!!

  5. It would make a lot more sense to wait for Brooklyn to be born since it's just around the corner.


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