Thursday, July 7, 2016

Recap: "The Big Chili"

Bringing Up Bates "The Big Chili"...
  • Every year, the local fire department hosts a fundraising event that consists of a chili supper, an auction, and entertainment. The Bates always lend a hand, as a thank you to the fire department for saving Addallee’s life 10 years ago.
  • “When Addee was born, I had something called beta strep, and it affects a newborn baby up to, I think like 48-72 hours after they are born, and it can be life-threatening, literally, for them,” Kelly explains.
  • Soon after Addallee's birth, her heart and lungs stopped working. Gil began administering CPR, and the Medford Volunteer Fire Department arrived with oxygen eight minutes later and ended up saving Addallee’s life.
  • Addee was admitted into intensive care for a week, and during that time, Gil chose the perfect name for his eight daughter. To this day, when Addallee spells her name, she explains that the three sets of double letters symbolize the second chance at life that God gave her. Gil tears up as he recalls this.
  • The situation with Addallee inspired Zach, Michael, and Nathan to join the volunteer fire department. “For me, that was never an option, just ‘cause I can’t stand blood,” laughs Erin.
  • The married Bates arrive to help out with the event. Lawson seeks fashion advice from Alyssa, Carlin, and Josie, as he plans his wardrobe for his musical performance at the chili supper. The girls freak out when Lawson jokingly tries on a bright red shirt with wolves on it. “It’s a good thing he got some advice,” chuckles Nathan.
  • According to Gil, Lawson always has that “cool guy look about him.”
  • Kelly asks expert seamstress Michael to take in the waists of a few skirts. Michael notices that two of the skirts have adjustable waistbands and shows them to her mom. “I feel really dumb when you’re around,” says Kelly, smiling.
  • The event goes off without a hitch. Before Lawson’s performance, the entire family joins him on stage to sing. Gil explains why the Bates are so grateful for the volunteer fire department.  


  1. I do not mean to correct you, but I believe that the correct plural form when referring to members of this family is Bateses (not Bates).

    1. You knew what they meant so what does it matter? Some people could care less if their Grammer is perfect.


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