Wednesday, January 11, 2017

This Week on 'Bringing Up Bates'

Are you ready for another round of all-new footage featuring UP TV's largest family? Episode two of Bringing Up Bates season five, "Plans, Bands and Mashed Potatoes," premieres tomorrow at 9pm ET/8pm CT and 11pm ET/10pm CT. It's only a 30-minute show, but you'll still see several story lines.

Ahead of Kelly Bates' 50th birthday coming up on October 26th, Erin Paine gathers her siblings together to discuss plans for a surprise party. Jeb and Judson Bates vow to keep their lips sealed, but some of the older siblings are wondering if the two youngest Bates kids will actually be able to keep a secret.

 Bates kids

Later, Gil Bates and his older boys head outside to find a location for a basketball court. They have always played on gravel, but Gil and Kelly agree that it's time to build a solid foundation.

 Who knew Mama Bates could shoot hoops? Does she make the shot? Find out on tomorrow's episode!

With all the older girls either married or busy with college, Kelly has to rely on the boys for help with meals. (The Bates mom says that has been a big adjustment.) Warden, the Bates' budding chef, visits Erin to learn how to cook a family favorite.

 Warden Bates

 Erin Bates Paine and Warden Bates

Max the puppy is growing! He waits eagerly for Chad to return home from work.

 Chad Paine and puppy Max Paine

Later, Lawson Bates hosts a band practice for his upcoming concert tour. 

 Lawson Bates and his band

Carlin Bates rehearses with the band

Photos courtesy of UP


  1. What is happening with Nathan. Is he and Ashley just friends and if so then is he going to college or working somewhere?

    1. I'd like to know too. What is going on if anything with Nathan and Ashley or Nathan and any other girl? Nathan works with Gil in the family tree business, Kelly has said that numerous times. @Lily and Ellie

    2. Hi there,

      Nothing has been announced. We will let you know when/if the Bates share something. :)

      Lily and Ellie

  2. What happened to Josie and Katie doing the cooking?

  3. I love Erin's home. The exterior, especially, is outstanding.

  4. Erin's home is cozy and warm,.The food looked good too!

  5. Lily Ellie what's that around wardens mouth?When Kelly jo was throwing the ball in

  6. I can't watch episodes in my area. :( What was Warden cooking?


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