Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Carlin Meets a Kangaroo

Last week, we announced Gil and Kelly Bates' speaking engagement Down Under. While there, they took the opportunity to experience attractions unique to Australia. They visited Healesville Sanctuary, a zoo located in rural Victoria, Australia, that is home to a host of native Australian animals. 

Carlin also went on the trip, and she enjoyed getting to know Kanga the kangaroo (pictured above). Have you ever pet a kangaroo?

For those who live in the United States, the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere has an exhibit that allows visitors to touch kangaroos. (Read about it on, written by Bates Family Blog author Ellie.)

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  1. I'm so glad they got to go to Healesville Sanctuary. My parents live in Healesville and it's such a beautiful drive out there, the scenery is so pretty. I hope they had fun meeting all our Aussie animals :-)


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