Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Trace Bates the Trick Rider

Hot off the press! The Bringing Up Bates season five premiere airs tomorrow at 9pm ET/8pm CT on UP. Scroll down for another sneak peek video, and visit our Showtimes page for more details.

In episode one, "Summer Lovin, Guitar Strummin' and a Surprise a Comin,'" the Bates travel to North Carolina to pick up Jackson, Warden, and Isaiah Bates from the overnight camp where Tori Bates' boyfriend, Bobby Smith, is working as a counselor. Tori gives an update on their relationship.

Meanwhile, Lawson Bates focuses on his music career, while Trace Bates prepares to try out for the Dixie Stampede. He is already a fabulous horseback rider, but he knows he has to develop his showmanship. He's also going to have to learn to dance, which is something the Bates haven't done much of. Towards the end of the episode, the Bates are met with a big surprised delivered by an unexpected visitor.

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. Trace, a little advice - You're holding the reins too tight, you need more slack. Give the horse his head a little more. When you're going around the barrel, you want to make a pocket, where when you come around, you're tight. Away from the Barrel going into it, and pass it a little, and turn the horse tight around it. Those reins were definitely too tight, when his head was up like that, it wasn't good. You want the horse to relax in everything. If you need a different bit to make him stop/respond better, then do that.

  2. I'm very surprised the Bates are okay with dancing.

  3. I agree with Grace. Those reins are being held way too tight. And for good roundings go wide and then tight.

  4. As a barrel racer, I know. If you want to have tight turns, you need to approach the barrel wider and then wait for your heel to pass up the barrel, and then turn. So that way you will be have yourself set up for the next barrel :) And remember slow work is always best. First start out at a slow trott and complete the pattern (doing the steps that I said above ^^^) then, once you get that perfect you can add more speed!


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