Monday, January 16, 2017

Win a Bates-Cation 2.0

Bates-ca·tion (bāts-kā-shən) n. a time of rest away from the demands of work, school, and household chores that includes tons of exciting adventures with the Bates family.

The Bates-cation promotion is back! Two weeks ago, Gil and Kelly Bates and most of their 19 children went on a ski vacation Massanutten Ski Resort in northern Virginia with Danielle, winner of the first Bates-cation raffle.

Visit the Bates-cation page on the UP website to read the rules and enter the contest. This promotion ends Friday, February 24th, at 3am ET. At that time, 70 finalists will be randomly selected and asked to submit a video. On or around April 13th, 2017, the grand prize winner will be announced. He or she, accompanied by one guest, will meet the Bates at a vacation destination.

Photo courtesy of UP

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