Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lawson on Country Music, Values, Boundaries

Hot off the press! Lawson just sent us the link to an interview he did with Fox News.

In the interview, Lawson Bates discusses his music career, his trips to Nashville, and how he feels having a career in a big city three hours away from his parents and 18 siblings. He also reveals how he went about setting boundaries when he first entered the country music scene.

"[My songs are about] faith, values and standing up for what's right," Lawson tells Fox News. "I feel like a lot of my faith is weaved into my album and that has a place in country music. I won't sing something...that is contrary to what I think is morally right."

Visit the Fox News website to read the full article, and be sure to tune in to UP tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT for an all-new episode of Bringing Up Bates. (Click here to view snapshots and watch a promo video.)

Photo courtesy of Taryn Yager Photography


  1. In the Fox News article, it says Lawson moved to Nashville at age 19. I thought he still lived at home but it sounds like if he is 24, he hasn't lived at home in at least 4 years?

  2. I live in middle Tennessee. Would love to see Lawson and his family if ever the occasion arises.

  3. Boundaries are so important and I know in my heart Gil and Kelly have done a fine job teaching these to Lawson.

  4. "Recently" - on an episode they were in Lawson's room helping to choose an outfit. I believe he still lives at home ( at least most of the time ).
    I admire the entire family. They are so individual - not robotic at all (as the "other" family appears to be). Nice personalities - and they are allowed to offer opinions. A sense of humor is so important and I can see Kelly & Gil & the kids all have one.


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