Thursday, August 4, 2016

Recap: "Who's In Charge?"

Bringing Up Bates "Who's In Charge?"

  • As the show opens, Lawson and Nathan are in the kitchen cleaning alongside Josie, while the younger kids work on school. Mom and Dad Bates are in Niagara Falls for three days.
  • Gil and Kelly enjoy taking trips together. They went to Hawaii in 2013 and the Grand Canyon in 2015. This Niagara Falls trip is Gil’s Valentine’s present to Kelly, who has been dreaming about visiting the natural wonder for many years.
  • Soon after Gil and Kelly leave, a stomach bug begins making its way through the family, but everyone still manages to have fun.
  • Chad accompanies Erin to her 20-week appointment with Dr. Vick. The expectant parents are relieved to hear that Brooklyn is doing well.
  • Erin’s labor with Carson was very quick and traumatic, due to a placental abruption. This time, she plans to be induced so she can have an epidural. Erin jokes that she hopes to have such a relaxing birth that she will be able to eat cheesecake while the baby is born.
  • Back at the Bates home, the kids video chat with Gil and Kelly. Later, Jackson, Warden, and Isaiah head over to Zach and Whitney’s house, which has sort of turned into a vacation spot for the kids.
  • The three boys spend the evening talking, laughing, and watching movies with their brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. Zach and Whitney have a bigscreen TV, while Gil and Kelly don’t.  
  • When Gil and Kelly return home, Gil, Nathan, and Lawson take Ellie and Addallee horseback riding for Ellie’s birthday. The Bates have a ranch where they keep eight horses, some that they purchased and some that they rescued.
  • Gil’s horse, Little Joe, has difficulty obeying commands. The kids laugh as their dad tries to keep Little Joe in line.


  1. Who is the artist/song title of the song playing during horseback riding? Thanks!

  2. how is erin doing...been praying for her and the baby

  3. Poor Whitneys face when the boys spilled water on her new couch!!! Thank goodness is was only water!

  4. Lawson actually does housework sometimes?! Wow.


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