Thursday, August 25, 2016

'Growing Paine' TONIGHT

Less than four hours to go until this week's new episode airs on UP...

Tonight on Bringing Up Bates, Kelly Bates and Lawson Bates give Josie Bates and Katie Bates their first driving lesson. When the chaos begins, the girls wonder why they are being taught be the two most dramatic members of the family. Later, the Bates gather at Erin and Chad Paine's cottage-style house to celebrate Carson Paine's first birthday.

Thursday, August 25
8pm ET: Bates Make the Grade
8:30pm ET: The 20th Bates
9pm ET: Growing Paine (NEW)
9:30pm ET: Bates Make the Grade

Here are a few snapshots from the show, as well as another sneak peek video:

 The kids enjoy the Bump N' Bonce Body Bumpers

 All the Bates beg to hold Carson at his birthday party

 Jeb Bates

 Grandma Kelly Bates and Carson Paine

 Erin and Carson Paine

 Erin's homemade pin the tail on the donkey

 Four-legged race

 Water balloon toss

 Josie Bates' first driving lesson

Photos/video courtesy of UP


  1. We took my brother there too. Great for first time drivers.

  2. Whoever was the designated instructor should have left at home the ones who were not teaching. One on one allows them to be more calm and focused.

    1. one on one would make me more nervous. Personally I would have done better in this situation.

  3. It seemed like they weren't taking a very serious event, learning to operate a motor vehicle, very seriously at all! There is a time & place for laughing, squealing, joking around. A driving lesson is not the time or place.

  4. Most hilarious episode yet! LOL!


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