Thursday, August 25, 2016

Recap: 'Growing Paine'

Bringing Up Bates "Growing Paine"
  • Kelly, Lawson, and Carlin take Josie and Katie on a secluded road to practice driving. The two girls recently received their driver’s permits and are eager to get behind the wheel. When Gil expresses a little bit of concern, Josie replies: “Dad, I’m like the bomb driver. All they gotta tell me is the gas and brake and I’ve got it.”
  • Katie is more confident behind the wheel, but her passengers let out quite a few screams as she drifts into the wrong lane a few times. Josie is much more cautious and takes it slower. Katie and Josie agree that driving is more difficult than it looks. But then again, they are learning on a 15-passenger van...
  • Meanwhile, Erin and Chad prepare to host Carson’s first birthday party. Michaella arrives from Chicago to help. Chad’s mom, Tammy, and two of his siblings, Tabitha and Johnny, also come into town for the event.
  • Erin and Chad say they are enjoying parenthood: “It really blows my mind that time has gone by so quick, but it’s been so sweet and special," shares Chad. "It’s just a thrill.”
  • “These first birthdays are great,” says Gil. “But the problem is…they’re going to get really expensive.” He and Kelly joke that they might have to stop giving birthday presents to their married children so they can afford gifts for the grandbabies.
  • After lunch, guests enjoys watching various family members run around the yard wearing Bump N’ Bounce Body Bumpers. (The song playing in the background is "Tomorrow" by Dewey Lybecker, Daniel Read, and Chris Soother.)
  • Next is the three-legged and four-legged race. After the activities, everyone gathers around Carson’s highchair to watch him eat his cupcake. (See Tuesday's post for a hilarious deleted scene.)
  • “It was a fun birthday party,” shares Gil. “I don’t know that Carson’s going to remember it, but it will be one that we never forget.”


  1. How come no comments posted this week?

  2. I believe once you have children of your own that the money your parents spend on your gifts now go to your children. Adults don't needs gifts except Maybe from your spouse on mothers/fathers day!

    1. What?? I disagree! Gift giving is done from the heart. That doesn't mean once you reach a certain age you don't "need" a gift! And so are you saying you stopped giving all adults in your family gifts? How sad, then its not for a right reason unless you are flat broke that's different.

    2. I disagree! I fully expect my husband to give me gifts on my birthday, Christmas, St.Valentines Day our anniversary etc. It teaches my daughters not to become a neglected doormat once you become a wife and mother.

  3. I tried to post but I had to sign up for something, which I didnt want to do, so mine would not go through.

  4. This segment was so much fun to watch!
    Laughed through the whole thing.
    Great for the soul.
    Thank you Up tv and the Bates!


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