Thursday, August 11, 2016

Recap: "Bates Make the Grade"

Bringing Up Bates "Bates Make the Grade"

  • The day before Trace and Carlin Bates’ graduation party, Kelly comes down with a stomach bug and can’t do anything to help prepare. Carlin takes charge, with help from her dad and siblings.
  • Carlin made the invitation public, so this is shaping up to be the Bates’ biggest grad party yet. Although they asked people to RSVP via email, the Bates admit that they did not have a chance to count up the guests.
  • Erin, Lawson, Tori, and Carlin rehearse a song that they plan to perform at the party (“All Along” by Rebecca J. Peck and Mark Lanier).
  • The next day, Carlin directs setup under a pavilion at Mount Moriah Camp. Lots of friends and relatives, including Tori’s boyfriend, come to help. “The party was amazing, but only because Bobby was there,” jokes Tori.
  • Ashley also attends the party. “As a mom, I’m just glad that everybody feels comfortable around each other still, in spite of the fact that they have ended that part of their relationship together,” says Kelly. “I’m really encouraged that Ashley and Nathan both have been mature to handle this friendship,” adds Gil.
  • Brandon and Michael’s flight is delayed due to weather, but Brandon is able to convince the airline to put his wife on a different flight so she doesn’t miss the party.
  • All the guests arrive, and just before Gil kicks off the program, Carlin realizes that she has misplaced her notes. “Dad had no clue what was happening,” says Carlin. “Mom didn’t. Only I knew, and them papers.” She ends up finding them in the van…just in time!
  • The program starts with a handful of silly skits performed by the older Bates kids and their friends. Then, Nathan poses a few serious questions to Carlin and Trace. When asked who she aspires to be, Carlin’s answer is her father: “He’s always been faithful in the little things. He’s steady in the Lord. Whatever he does, he doesn’t lose his cool.”
  • “She was really dishing out some of the kindest words that I do not deserve, honestly, but that’s one of those moments you just wish you could freeze life,” shares Gil, tearing up.
  • What’s next for Trace and Carlin? Trace recently took over Lawson’s lawn care business, and he aspires to be a trick rider at the Dixie Stampede. His parents want him to go to college.
  • Carlin, who took dual enrollment classes during high school, is starting full-time college this fall. She will study online for the first two years so she can continue to travel.
  • Fans of the show come from all over to attend the Bates’ graduation party. “We definitely felt treasured,” says Carlin.


  1. I'm with Trace, small parties are much better. I know the Duggars were at your party and even helped, how come you guys didn't include them on your show? Didn't you get your start on their show?

    1. The Duggar's are on a different network so I am sure it has to do with contract agreements. Remember it is a reality tv show and the families have to follow the rules written in their contracts. It's not just a video crew following them around....everything is planned for the show.

    2. I thought it waa bc of all the controversy the duggars' presence tend to cause but they did show Jana on Michael's wedding...

    3. I thought it was bc of all the controversy the duggars' presence tend to cause but they did show Jana on Michael's wedding...

  2. I think Addallee looks a lot like Katie.
    Katie is so BEAUTIFUL!!! But all the Bates girls are pretty inside and out...which is more important. :)

  3. These episodes should be an hour. We never found out if Brandon made it. Plus all the Duggar shows are an hour. If I wanted to see the McGhee family I'd watch on Wednesdays. Is there a place to voice this on UP

  4. no place to voice an opinion on UP...i wanted to let someone know the rules on the win a vacation with the Bates family are grossly unfair...i am disabled and new to computers...i do not know about twitter, instagram or any of that stuff so it leaves me out of the running...maybe the next one will have more basic rules

  5. ABout the show being longer and the mcghees showing both Wednesday and Thursday I feel the same way you can visit up's website and there is a link to post comments which i did over a month ago and still haven't received a response


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