Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Date and Weight...

Now that Brooklyn Paine has arrived, let's see which of you correctly guessed her birth date and weight. For those wondering how Erin's labor went, the new mama calls it a "dream birth." She went into labor on Friday night and met little Brooklyn at 5:42am on Saturday.

When she gave birth to Carson, Erin's labor was very quick and painful, and she was unable to have an epidural. This time, things went much smoother, and she got her epidural.

Brooklyn was born on August 6th. Three readers correctly guessed her birth date, although only one (Amanda) included a name with the submission.

Born just over three weeks early, Brooklyn weighed in at 6lbs, 6oz. Although many readers came close, Lucy was the only one who guessed the exact weight.

Photo courtesy of Chad and Erin Paine


  1. K Cochran also guessed 6lb 6oz, but for Aug 7th

  2. Brooklyn is such an amazing little miracle. Praise the Lord!

  3. I'm so excited, just read the happy news, was on vacation so I'm a bit behind.She is beautiful, they are sure one blessed family...CONGRADULATIONS!🤗😇

  4. I'm so happy the Bates show depicts other alternatives for birthing than just the home births that the duggars push. Every woman should have options and decide for herself without pressure.

  5. Congratulations! Can anyone tell me what she measured?

  6. Hey Ellie here's Luiza, you've asked wich South American country i was, and I'm from Brazil!!
    Here is a link to TLC Brazil Bates page
    Hope you can understand it since it is in portuguese:)

    1. Thanks for sharing, Luiza! Facebook translated it for me. :)


  7. So sweet. Love it!! Gorgeous!!

  8. I know it's too soon to say, but she really looks like Carson!

  9. Awww what a doll congratulations to Erin Chad and big brother Carson .prayers from Indiana for your beautiful family.

  10. My name is Sophia. I'm one of the anonymous people who guessed August 6th. I chose that date because that was the day of my sisters wedding.

  11. Brooklyn is a beautiful, wonderful baby, I am happy for the family!


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