Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Diaper Stacking

Carlin Stewart with Kelly Bates and mother-in-law Denese Stewart
A full hour of Bringing Up Bates is in your future! We know you're sad that this week is the mid-season finale, but the network does have plans for the show to return, and it won't be too long. You can look forward to a lot of excitement this Thursday evening (TV listings and preview video below).

Join the Stewarts and Bates for a baby shower in honor of Carlin and Evan; go out on a Christmas-themed double date with Zach, Whitney, Trace, and Chaney; sing Christmas carols with the Bates at an assisted living home; and meet newborn Holland Paine.

Thursday, May 28
6:30am: Save the Date and Decisions to Make
8:30pm: Holiday Cheer and New Baby Khloe is Here
9pm: Holiday Traditions and Baby Additions NEW!
10:30pm: A Monumental Proposal
11pm: Ultrasounds, Wedding Vows, and a Bride-to-Be

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv


  1. The Stewarts seem like such nice people. I like when they're on the show.

  2. UPTV still hasn't uploaded the latest episode on Amazon. I don't get UPTV anymore and they normally have the episodes uploaded within a few days, but May 21st episode still isn't on there almost a week later.

    1. 111:48 The pandemic has slowed things down with Amazon, deliveries and most everything. It's understandable. More people are relying on them for home deliveries and entertainment.

    2. No, I understand that. They did have the last episodes up right away though even though they also were aired during the pandemic.

    3. It is up now though.


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