Thursday, December 8, 2016

'Bringing Up Bates' Season 5 Summary

 Bates family, 2015

Only four weeks to go until the Bates family returns to UP! The network just sent the press release for Bringing Up Bates season five, which premieres at 9pm ET/8pm CT on Thursday, January 5th, 2017. What can you expect? Take a look at the summary below:

In season five of Bringing Up Bates, it’s a time of “New Beginnings” for the family, as the entire crew takes on new and exciting challenges. Zach and Whitney are adjusting to life as parents to two kids, Erin and Chad are adjusting to a new baby and a new puppy, and Lawson takes on the challenge of launching his own concert tour. 

Meanwhile, Alyssa has some exciting news to share that will certainly change things for her and John, Tori sees her relationship with Bobby evolve into something more serious, and Carlin and Josie adjust to a new college and possible new careers. 

Trace takes the necessary steps to fulfill his dream of working at the Dixie Stampede, and Gil and Kelly Jo are forging full steam ahead with their dream – building a church. It’s certainly going to be a busy year full of big surprises for the Bates family.

In case you missed UP's new promo videos--filmed during the Bates' recent visit to headquarters--and Christmas interview clips, here are the links:

Michaela and Nathan
Erin, Tori, Josie, Jackson, Warden, and Isaiah
Erin and Chad Paine's Christmas Plans
Gil and Kelly Bates on the Meaning of Christmas
Christmas Magic with Zach and Whitney Bates 
Michael and Brandon Keilen Love Christmas
Alyssa and John Webster's Christmas Traditions 
Tori Bates' Christmas Wish

Photo courtesy of UP


  1. Any luck to see the previous online as we are not all based in the U.S ? Thanks!

    1. Hi there,

      Right now, the only way to watch the shows online is by subscribing to Up Faith and Family ( or purchasing them on Amazon or iTunes.

      Thanks for being a loyal reader. :)
      Lily and Ellie

    2. Yes. However Canadians do not have access to those choices. We in Canada would like good valued TV shows to watch.

  2. Happy for the bates!!!🎉😊

  3. Lawson if you are reading this. I am interested in getting to know you!!!!!!!!

  4. I do subscribe to UpTV when will season 5 and 6 b down loaded


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