Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bates Marathon to Kick off New Season

In just two weeks, the supersized Bates family will be back with all-new episodes of their hit reality TV show Bringing Up Bates. Season five premieres Thursday, January 5th, 2017, at 9pm ET/8pm CT on UP.

To kick off the new season, the network will air a Bates marathon on Thursday, December 29th. The marathon will kick off at 7am ET with "Erin's Little Miracle" and end with an hour-long year end special at 9pm ET. During that special, each Bates will share his or her favorite moment from the first four seasons of Bringing Up Bates. Visit our Showtimes page for the list of episodes that will air on that day.

Are you looking forward to the Bates' return to TV?

Photo courtesy of UP

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  1. I would if I have the channel in Canada but I don't. So frustrated! It's not even on Canada iTunes or on amazon. Double frustrated! Oh well, maybe someday I will eventually get it in Canada.


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