Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bates Seasons 2 and 3 Highlights

 Alyssa (Bates) Webster and Carlin Bates at Alyssa's baby shower

Earlier this week, we posted a video from UP that included all the highlights from season one of Bringing Up Bates. Today, we have recap videos of seasons two and three to share. 

Season two of Bringing Up Bates premiered in June 2015 and included the Bates' visit with Brandon's parents in Chicago, Brandon Keilen's Washington D.C. scavenger hunt proposal to Michael Bates, wedding planning, the arrival of Allie Jane Webster, Kelly Bates' first airplane ride with Nathan Bates at the wheel, Lawson Bates' wisdom teeth extraction, Carson Paine's dramatic arrival, and many more exciting Bates happenings (video below).

Season three began in January 2016 and featured the Bates/Keilen wedding, Zach Bates' graduation from the police academy, the Bates' trip to the beach, Lawson's visits to the East Tennessee Children's Hospital, Trace's trick riding lesson with riders from the Dixie Stampede, the Keilen's honeymoon, Bradley Bates' first birthday, the start of Nathan Bates' courtship with Ashley, and much more (video below). What were your favorite moments from seasons one and two?

Photos/videos courtesy of UP

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  1. At last we could see a bit more from the wedding .... Thanks,


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