Monday, December 12, 2016

Bates Season 1 Highlights


As we gear up for the season five premiere of Bringing Up Bates on Thursday, January 5th, let's take a look back at the Bates footage we have seen thus far. Season one kicked off on New Year's Day 2015. (That was also when we officially started our blog. Hard to believe that was two years ago.)

At the start of season one, the Bates didn't have any grandchildren, Michael and Brandon were still courting, and Erin and Chad were concerned that they wouldn't be able to have kids. There sure have been a lot of changes since that time!

Did you tune in for season one of the show? If you missed it, or if you want a quick refresher of all the highlights, take a look at the video recap below:

Photo/video courtesy of UP

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  1. I'm so excited!! I'm also excited to see some of y'all tomorrow at Earle Theather!! :) May God bless y'all!
    -Kayla M.


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