Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Tori is 'Terrified out of [Her] Mind'

Tori Bates Smith pregnant

"It's really nice having sisters that have had multiple babies, as well as my mom who had a trillion. Me going through it the first time, I'm terrified out of my mind, but being able to call them kind of awesome."

-Tori (Bates) Smith

In real time, Kade Smith is four months old, but in TV time, he is about to make his grand debut. Tori, who admits she is nervous, has a conversation with mama Kelly, sister Erin Paine, and sister-in-law Whitney Bates (video below). Between the three of them, they have delivered 24 babies, so they have a lot of expertise for Tori to draw on. 

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Photo/video courtesy of UPtv


  1. Yes it would be nice to get advice from all the women before you

  2. beauitful down to earth family . mary keim mennonite

  3. i love how they always include whitney as 'one of the sisters'!

  4. With Tori's sisters all having babies, how is it that Tori had never heard the term "Braxton Hicks" contractions?

    1. MO- Good Point! I know that I read everything on pregnancy / childbirth when I first got pregnant. (maybe even before) I just don't understand Tori. She graduated with a degree in Education with high honors and yet she seems to act like she's not informed or not interested in much. That's very strange to me.

    2. They didn’t live with Tori while they were pregnant, so how would she know? Braxton Hicks contractions happen so frequently toward the end that it isn’t something you usually mention.

    3. I just watched the episode, and Tori did NOT say she had never heard of them. She said she wasn't sure what the signs are. She may have heard the term but didn't really understand them. As a first-time mom I had devoured the What to Expect book. Sounds like Tori should have educated herself more.

    4. Tori has probably been conditioned in her education to study content to pass tests but not to think critically. She is a sweet girl, but frankly, her grammar is poor. Not a great trait for teaching. She strikes me as being one of the least well-rounded of the Bates'. She will be a sweet mama for sure though!


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