Thursday, March 14, 2019

Tonight: Nashville Nursery Makeover

Tonight (9pm ET/8pm CT) on an all-new episode of Bringing Up Bates, a handful of Bates travel to Nashville to help Tori Smith decorate Kade's nursery.

Bradley Bates and Carson Paine
Bradley Bates and Carson Paine
They stop at a local thrift store to buy a few items, but they come out with multiple carts of decorations, clothing, and toys.

Bringing Up Bates Whitney and Tori Bates
Whitney Bates and Tori Bates Smith

Everyone plays a part in decorating the nursery, even the little kids. The Bates are very confident in Erin's ability to transform the empty bedroom into a baby room, although they admit that they are a little uncertain about her idea for an accent wall. Tune in to see the finished product!

Zach Bates, Kaci Bates, Bradley Bates
Also on tonight's show, we see a glimpse of Katie at cosmetology school. What happened to her goal of studying nursing? You might be surprised at what her plan is...

Katie Bates

Photos courtesy of UPtv


  1. Nursing is such a good way to help others and do good. And there is such a shortage of nurses! To me, it seems a shame she switched to cutting hair and applying makeup.

    1. MO- Katie should do what she feels is best for her. There is room in every field to lend a helping hand to people. General nurses -RN- don't get paid much, a big factor in the shortage. (much shorter program) My roommate in college was in the nursing program to get a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and last I knew, she was the head nurse of a hospital floor. Much better pay but it takes 4 years. RN does not mean you have a 4 year college degree. That's a misconception. :o)

    2. Here in CA RNs are almost exclusively Bachelor Degrees and higher,now. Licensed Vocational Nurses- LVNs- are 2 years and CNAs are much less time intensive. They’re called nurses aides here. RNs make a great salary out here.Specialty RNs like neo-natal, icu etc can be even higher.

  2. Bradley and Carson look so much alike! If we didn't know they were cousins, I would think they were brothers. All growing up so much

  3. It was nice to see Lawson being so protective of Tori’s condition. He seems like a great older brother. I love how this family helps one another out and pitches in to lighten the load no matter what.

  4. I love the way the room turned out, however, it wouldn’t be my choice for a baby’s room, but that’s just my opinion. Erin definately has a flare for incorporating her creative ideas into a decorating scheme and her talent in this area is so evident. I hope we get to see some more of her ideas in action. It was fun trying to figure out what the finished product would look like. Great job!


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