Friday, March 8, 2019

'A Wedding to Plan & Fun with the Fam' Recap

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Bringing Up Bates "A Wedding to Plan & Fun with the Fam"
  • While everyone is in town for the wedding, the adults take the grandchildren to a local children's museum called The Muse Knoxville.
  • "Any time there's a big event in the family, it's really fun for all of us to get together and not just catch up with each other, but watch all the kids and the grandkids get together and play," says Whitney. 
  • While the kids play, Kelly catches up with the Keilens, who are enjoying playing with their nieces and nephews. Brandon's children's book has been sent off to an editor. Michael spends her days making blankets, which she sells, and traveling with Brandon for work.
  • "I don't think there's hardly a week that goes by that somebody doesn't say something, 'Oh, I wish Michael was here,'" says Kelly, who would love the Keilens to move back to Tennessee. "I know that her and Brandon are not going to make Chicago their home forever."
  • "The likelihood that all the kids would live in the same area is very slim, but it still doesn't hurt to hint and to throw out a few jokes every once in a while," says Kelly. "Thankfully, the kids all beg, 'Can we go to Erin's house, can we go to Alyssa's house, can we go to Zach's house,' and that means a lot to me, keeping those bonds strong."
  • Later, Gil brings Addee, Ellie, and Callie over to Erin's house to do a craft project. While Erin and the kids make cards, Papa holds Everly. "There's not many times when I get to have Everly all by myself," says Gil. "...Granny [is] always trying to rob...hold..the babies all the time..." says Gil.
  • Gil, Lawson, Nathan, and Trace visit the church building. The sheetrock is up, and it's time to work on the cosmetics. (Update: As of early March 2019, the church is pretty much finished!) 
  • Trace is working part-time with Chad and part-time as a deputy sheriff. Nathan is spending a lot of time in the Philippines, working with others on putting in a 9-1-1 and radio communication system. The country also needs a helicopter system to transport patients between the islands, so Nathan plans to go to helicopter school. Nathan's goal with his mission work is to take care of folks' physical and spiritual needs. 
  • "The older boys are doing a lot of things," says Jackson. "Getting girlfriends is not one of them." 
  • "Nathan and myself, we're world travelers," says Lawson. "We have so many irons in the fire. We're all over the map. And Trace is that slow and steady and Mr. Consistent. He's available." 
  • Erin, Carlin, and Kelly come over to Whitney's house to discuss wedding plans. Kelly brings food, and Zach shows up in his police attire to eat. "Anytime there's food around, this man right here finds some way to get there, no matter where it's at and what's going on," says Whitney. "Even if he hates wedding planning, he still shows up. 
  • "I have a sixth sense for food," admits Zach.
  • Erin volunteers Chad to build a stage out of scrap lumber for Carlin's wedding, plus a bunch of decorations. "Like a chandelier, suspended in mid-air, on the stage?" clarifies Chad, as Erin explains the project. "This is going to be outside?"
  • "You read me," says Erin, smiling. "We are meant to be."
  • Carlin is planning to do a daddy-daughter dance with Gil and a first dance with Evan. Kelly explains the Bates' views on dancing: "Our family, typically in the past, really was not involved in dancing because we just wanted to avoid for our unmarried children, them dancing in a sensual way. But Carlin has said for quite a while, one thing she is looking forward to at her wedding is a daddy-daughter dance, and ballroom dancing is just a real classy style of innocent, wholesome dancing. We are all for her doing that at her wedding, we just don't know how." Gil and Carlin are currently taking a dance class.
  • Carlin is thrilled to be marrying Evan, but she admits that she is going to miss her family when she moves away.


  1. Replies
    1. I believe that Carlin said before they would be living in the Nashville area.

  2. Evan is from Nashville. They’re gonna be living there. Bobby and Tori live there as well so that will help Carlin I’m sure

  3. Do you know what Michael's website is for her blankets she sells?

  4. Yep, they are sold on



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