Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Zach's Good Impression

"I didn't make these cookies crumbly cookies, okay? I did feel like Whitney would be proud of me because I didn't get on the floor and lick up the crumbs, so I'm thinking, 'You know, I'm really making an impression here.'"
-Zach Bates

If eating were a sport, the oldest Bates son would be a world champion. Whether it's is a dessert item or a home-cooked meal, he's always up for something tasty. But as he admits in this video, he isn't always the most refined consumer of food. What are your thoughts on his "impression"?

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. They are adorable! I like those two. So fun

  2. I like Zach's fun personality, Whitneys, probably always laughing...Jane

  3. They are so cute together!

  4. Just plain cute and real! Love these two!

  5. zach is always cracking me up, he has such a good sense of humor! you can tell food is near & dear to his heart, lol! whitney is such a good sport!

  6. Zack has developed a great sense of humor which I think ma e partly due to a greater sense of confidence. His security in his marriage as well as in his employment probably contribute to that. It is so nice to see him this way rather than the nervous traits he showed when asking that other girl to court.


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