Wednesday, September 26, 2018

2 Bates-Sized Surprises

Josie Bates engagement to Kelton Balka Utah

"There’s something about seeing your child happy. That brings the most fulfillment. And knowing how happy that Josie is going to be when Kelton surprises her…I’ve been counting down the days for this."
-Kelly Bates

Only one day to go until Josie and Kelton's "monumental" engagement airs on reality TV! You'll watch the couple explore the unique sites of Arches National Park, followed by an emotional proposal in a breathtaking location.

Meanwhile, the other Bates siblings pull off a surprise of their own--they're redecorating the Bates house. Check out these two videos, and be sure to tune in to the hour-long Bringing Up Bates season finale tomorrow at 9pm ET/8pm CT on UPtv.

Photo/videos courtesy of UPtv


  1. I'm sure these young people meant well when they took on the job of cleaning out and redecorating the homestead. I do think they may have crossed the line by throwing out a lot of stuff without their parents' input. What they may have considered junk, Gil and Kelly may have had a different opinion. You have to approach situations like this with a little bit more finesse and discretion. Hopefully, the parents had an opportunity to go through those things before they were hauled off to Good Will. It is their home and their stuff after all.

  2. The kids did an amazing job of redecorating but the room needs more splashes of color. Not a fan of the blue doorways though. Great kids to do all of that!

  3. I liked the window coverings.


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