Monday, September 10, 2018

Gotta Work Work Work

"One of the biggest highlights was seeing how excited my boys were..."
-Gil Bates

Grab a hammer and's time to get to work! This Thursday on Bringing Up Bates, Gil and his sons are in the midst of a huge church renovation project (video below). The older guys are excited to lend a hand, and the little boys are sad that they are too young. "We wanted to help, but every time we were too little," says Judson. "You had to be 12 and up."

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. Is this an IBLP’s Church?

  2. They have good work ethic in the family.

  3. What type of songs do the Bates sing during their Bible time? I’ve heard Gil say on sermons before that they sing a song, pray, read scripture and then pray and it lasts 8-10 mins so I was curious what songs do they sing?

  4. Jaci -- at their church services, they'll sing a few classic hymns.

  5. Jackson is growing up to be such a great guy! He looks like such a hard worker and he enjoys learning new skills. Way to go Jackson!!


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